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African Elephant Two Finger's Trunk

The great Nile crocodiles and the African elephant at war

African elephant trunk love greeting 
The elephant and mainly the African elephant, African bush elephant, or the African forest elephant is one of the most feared, loved, adorable dangerous animals  and the most spectacular animal while on an African safari or just at the zoo any where in the wild or in captivity. Nowhere in the world are there many elephants other than the beautiful African Savannah lands of southern and eastern Africa. 

Water hole elephant party family time
These great animals of the plains and jungle of Africa you find that the elephants of the genus Loxodonta, known collectively as African elephants, are mainly  found in 37 countries in Africa notably  Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa which together account for the highest number of elephants. 

The most flexible/slippery elephant trunk
These African elephants are found in their natural habitat where elephants are protected in the national parks, game reserves and private ranches where elephants are raised as well.  Many people wonder as to why the African elephants are different from the Asian elephants. 

Elephant habitat across water plains
With a great deal of comparison and different elephant physical features, the majestic members of the Big five African elephants are distinguished from Asian elephants in several ways.  

The African elephants have bigger ears which look like the map of Africa while the Asian elephants have smaller ears. The African elephants are equipped with two finger like projections at the tip of their trunk which gives them an edge over the Asian elephants which have only one

Elephant sniffing life with their trunks out of the dead bones
As the biggest animal on land, the African elephant is larger than the Asian elephant and has a concave back.  While poaching of elephants is very rampant in both Asia and Africa, these beautiful elephants are poached because e of their lovely trunks. The Asian elephants have trunks but only for the male elephants while in Africa both male and female elephants have trunks and are less hairy than the Asian elephants.

Mom and baby elephant in African
Savannah walking n the dry grass
With many animal safari tourist or  travelers going on  safaris to Africa to see the African elephant which is one of the Big Five and the most respectable animal in the African Savannah, these giant elephants of the Africa jungle have seen their good days and bad days as well.  African safari travelers have captured very good elephant pictures while in their best behavior and breath taking moments which only take a nano second to get an elephant image of a life time.

African elephants greetings and
drinking at the water hole
These elephant great pictures were just some of the greatest moment on one of the elephant animal safari. Living up to their names, the dangerous Nile crocodiles undeterred by the sheer African elephant pounds of muscles the Nile crocodile wanted to make a meal out of the unsuspecting other elephant  and hope to come for more as the days go by as was the case with this one lucky African elephant and one lucky Nile crocodile as well.

The power of the elephant trunk
Photographer Martin Nyfeler was traveling through South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The    park is blessed with a very big number of animal species such as the African elephant, leopards, the cape buffalo, the king of the African jungle: the African savannah lion the spotted hyenas, Cookson’s wildebeest, bushbuck, zebra, warthog, apes such as baboon, vervet monkey, puku and impala, hartebeest, reedbuck and the eland. And different types of bird species as well. 

Beautiful Red African elephants play 
It was at this juncture when the wits, guts and the strengths of the African elephant were put to the test. As the elephant moment presented itself,   the female elephant and her baby were drinking from the Luangwa River. Leaping out of the murky waters a vicious crocodile set upon the pair, biting into the female's trunk within some split of a few seconds, the mother elephant was free to roam the African savannah plains and to join his heard in the African elephant train. 
Angry baby elephant

In the African savannah land, the African lion is the main predator to elephants. Young African elephants are always attacked by pride of lions day in and day out. With no tusks to protect themselves with, many lonely elephants which are separated from the elephant heard are always vulnerable to such attacks. But when the Nile crocs are also gearing up to put elephants and not wildebeest in their food chain, there is always more action to see while one is out there on an elephant animal safari where every moment and turn is just a great animal moment to capture on picture.

African forest elephant in the bush
What happened to the elephant is a thing of the past. Could the elephant attack by the Nile crocodile been avoided that is also one of natures greatest mysteries which only the elephant and the Nile crocodile could tell. Are there such incidences where crocodiles hide and attack elephants in many other parts of the world? Yes, there are may other instances too. 
Elephants swimming underwater

Not just small elephants are vulnerable to the Nile crocodile attacks, big African elephants have to struggle hard to get away from the sharp strong jaws of the mighty African Nile crocodiles. It sounds strange as to why the Nile crocodile likes to tease the African elephant with its trunk. If there had been any chance for the Nile crocodile to perform its death spin. I doubt whether the African elephant trunk would still be part of the elephant’s trunk.

African Baby elephant learning how to use its trunk 
Have you ever thought of an elephant without its trunk? How would an elephant look like without it. The wise guess would be the elephant would just bleed to death if it had an open would or not have  its trunk and how about food, the elephant would not be able to crown down to grab and cut the grass and put it in its mouth because of its long tusks. Would that have meant the end of life to our beautiful African elephant? It’s hard to tell with all these mysteries of the different animal adaptation and survival for the fittest predator and prey animal habitat. 

African elephants taking a  mud bath
The elegant African elephants always use their beautiful trunks to tear up their diet which is mostly comprised of grass, leaves and fruits found in the African Savannah and any other elephant habitat. The  elephant usually manipulates the trunk and what ever food is caught by the trunk is placed in the mouth.
 it in their mouths. 

African red elephants Tsavo safaris
Poaching leaves baby elephants
vulnerable to other predators
Just like the tallest animal in the world also a friend of the African elephant when it comes to height notably the giraffe, the African elephant also uses its trunk grasp leaves, fruit, or entire branches unlike the giraffe which uses its long tongue to grab and eat what is to be eaten. As it has been in many other cases when there is drought, many elephants are forced to find food on higher grounds and the acacia trees provide all the nutrients and solutions when there is a shortage of green grass or the temperatures are just inevitable to support any undergrowth.

Beautiful African Elephant bi
I many a times scores of trees both big and small are uprooted using the trunk. Young shoots or plants fall victim of the elephant trunk while the old trees when swayed bu the giant African elephants sometimes do not stand a chance and in the end they fall down and give rise to another usage within the ecosystem.

Many people out there that the elephant trunk is used by the elephant to drink water. This is not the case. When swimming, elephant uses its trunk to breath while it us above water just like a snorkel. On the other hand, the elephant uses its trunk to scoop gallons of water and then splash it into its mouth. What a wonderful feeling this is unlike any other animal which needs to stoop down on its needs just to have that water down the throat in the summer heat across the African great plains with every eyes of the predator eyeing the water hole or nearby river and lakes. 
Baby elephant milk time feeding time

While the elephants are having a nice time in the water, these beautiful animals will suck up water and  spray as rain on their bodies during bathing. Such a spectacular image of an elephant splashing water is just the pleasure a safari lover would wish to do while in the wilderness as well. 

Trained Elephants paying games
When the change of weather calls for drastic medication, the African elephant uses its trunk to just after taking the water bath  then scoops dirt or sand with its trunk as well and then sprays it on its body. People always wonder how come its only in African where you have red elephants. Where did all these red elephants come from? These cleaver elephants have mastered the laws of nature and the only way to stay healthy and beautiful  and to look unique in the elephant country is just by throwing that red mud on top of their skin. Ask any body who has been to Tsavo. 

he biggest elephant in the world
These red elephants look amazing just because of the rich red volcanic soil which is home to these beautiful African elephants. When the elephant's menu cure and pedicure has ended, the dirt and the mud which covers the elephant dries up with the harmful insects as and also acts as a protective sunscreen thanks to the long powerful elephant trunk which many other animals wish they also had the same. 

Baby elephant trunk up sniffing air
With so many elephant herds roaming miles and miles along the African savannah and crossing borders of Kenya and Tanzania where many of the greatest elephant’s population are located, it’s amazing to know that elephants do recognize their enemies and their elephant cousins as well. Elephants belonging to the same linage will greet each other just like any social animals by entwining their trunks.

The elephant trunk at its best.
Picture:Jagdeep Rajput
Corbett National Park in India
When the elephant close bond is established these beautiful elephants will use their trunks while play which is always an amazing site. Elephants do wrestle sometimes with their trunks to show the dominant elephant in the heard as well and for the sake of showing off mainly for the young elephants which are almost reaching maturity mainly by caressing during courtship. There are many other instances out in the wild where mother elephants have managed to rescue their babies when they have gotten stuck in the water bath in many of the great African safari elephants caught of video or just amazing elephant photos of elephants being rescued by their mothers.

White elephant Indian elephant
The plight of the African elephant will always be at the two finger tip trunk smelling the air as it raises its trunk to show dominance, a warning or threat and viciously defending themselves very well by flailing their trunks at unwanted intruders who poach and raid them of their beautiful trunks and deny them their elephant rights to walk the African jungles from the Mediterranean see to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Nile crocodiles elephant dangerous attacks.
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The Maasai Mara crocs wildebeest country: big cats, big five triangle.

Two horned African White endangered rhino grazin
Where in the world you get the best animal safari other than the Maasai Mara country? It’s all out there, the world’s largest animals in the world, the lion, the hippopotamus, the African water buffalo and the tallest giraffes in the world in their own natural habitat and breeding ground.

That’s just not all, the famous Africa Big cats. Yes almost all big cats apart from the endangered Asian tigers. The African lion or the king of all predators, the leopard: the most brilliant climber among the big cats and the fastest animal on land which is non other than the endangered cheetah are just some of the amazing beautiful dangerous endangered animals you can ever have your eyes to feast on for as long as your entire hard drive can accommodate and wills till leave you wanting more animal pictures and animal videos to carry home.
Lion King of the African Savannah

Where will you get the greatest animal migration in the world other than the wildebeest country itself just located around the Maasai Mara Vicinity? If you say you have seen all, there is no place where you cans see all the great Nile crocodiles in action other than the rivers within the Maasai Mara region.

The Maasai Mara region or the famous Mara as it is called by the famous Maasai tribe is famous for all animal species of the African Savannah land. Mammals of different sizes, birds, reptiles amphibians are just in plenty. This is the perfect animal country not just a region or a national park and a national reserve in Kenya but an all rounded for a good African safari destination and travel.

Despite the fact that there is habitat loss in many of the beautiful animal safaris, there are some national parks which have managed to integrate the locals in makings sure that the locals benefit from the local animal safari attraction as has been with the Maasai tribes living in these beautiful animal habitats. The Maasai having lived among the bushes and forest of the big five and the big cats, they are just a perfect example as to how wildlife and humans can co exist when given the best information about animal protection animal conservation and the general importance to animals in the ecosystem.

Lion and lioness family drinking water
While the number of tourist still coming to Maasai Mara for these beautiful animal attraction tour still keeps on making headlines as one of the best national parks in the world as far as animals are concerned, many or the reasons as to why the number of animals are decreasing or going extinct in many of the beautiful animal countries such as Tanzania, Uganda ivory coast Zaire and south Africa just to mention a few is habitat loss.   Many of the animal habitat and breeding ground or nearby forest which provide cover for these animals have been cleared and crops are grown. 

Cheetah hunting face in the jungle
Wildebeest migrating to Kenya Mara
Just as the Serengeti wildebeest animal migration rout highway which was to be contracted in the middle of the Serengeti National park in Tanzania and with the great effort so f the world community and animal rights groups, the construction of the Serengeti higway was halted. While there are other similar instances where the plight of the human living in some of these resources are denied of the mineral wealth such as Soda ash, many of the animal habitat are lost to land grabbers in the name of expansion of the infrastructure and the more animal habitat land is take away, the bigger the chances of many animals being killed or becoming endangered as world markets tend to attract people to these areas where policing of such game reserves and national parks is still undergoing improvements and needs better handling facilities in order to help quell poaching and cutting down of timber in these animal protected areas as well.

Hyenas and lions the greatest enemy
Lion cubs going to their den
The Mara region having realized that the Maasai could get more from tourism integrated their already nomadic live to this new wealth generation attraction. You find that many local Maasai have ventured in the tourism industry thereby supplementing their income and advancing with the new modern trends of living as well The world has not only been know in the Maasai tribe as the best long distant runners such as the famous cheetah which is also a famous animal tourists attraction in the Masai Mara animal country 

The Maasai living around the Mara national park are as unique as the animals themselves. The Maasai are the only tribes which don’t fear animals. If the lion is the most feared animal on earth, these great Maasai worries are just the perfect combination of man and beast.  
Lion world's most dangerous animals
White rhino and Baby rhino family
Dangerous crocodile Mara rive
What’s the catch? Day in day out Maasai graze their cattle in the Masai Mara animal habitat. Lions and leopards kill their cattle and that’s the only time a Masai will kill any animal which is trying to rob him of his wealth which has been handed over to him from generation to generation as far as the laws of the Maasai clan is concerned. It’s all out therein the wilderness animal videos animal documentaries and how the Maasai have managed to live with these beautiful dangerous animals in harmony. 

Leopard beautifully resting on a tree
Serengeti National Park Tanzania
Despite the fact that roads are built for development and for the Africa Masai Mara animal safari travelers, there is a hue and cry as to some of the changes in the ecosystem in the Mara habitat as animals which are accustomed to the wilderness sometimes tend to find refuge on the roads while animal attacks are also inevitable given the animal instinct with these dangerous animals in the Mara habitat. 
Lions food dangerous wildebees

While it might seem ethical to save dolphins which have drifted ashore in many of the worlds famous beaches which makes headlines of the bravery of the animal loving men and women, but on the other hand it sounds strange when when you are on safari and you want to help an animal which is wounded or is in danger. 

What are the yardsticks as far as good animal safari loving person would do? As they say rule number one obey all the rules. No stepping out of your safari vehicle unless authorized. No touching animals unless under supervision nd protection of the concerned authorities and no feeding animals so that you can have a very clear close up photo of an animal. 
African elephants drinking & playing

These are just the few simplest rules which are there to stay and not to ask questions otherwise in other places, touching animals is an offence and you can be prosecuted by law. 

Leopards big cats and Africa big five
Rule number one for an animal safari. Obey all the rules. That’s the best thing while you are out there on the Mara habitat where animals are running, screaming and yelling for their lives in all direction here and there, just enjoy the Mara safari and hope to come and visit with a more open mind of even a better Maasai Mara animal safari than before.

Beautiful elephant babies African elephant family 

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