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Great White Shark attacks: Bites without hands

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Shark attacks and shark bites

Lone suffers are the most people
prone to shark attacks
Sharks and man have roamed and ruled many of the world’s oceans and seas. Sharks have been known to swim to the deepest and the darkest waters of the world while at the same time the Sharks have swan the shallowest mucky waters of our beautiful beaches and as a result, many shark attacks incidents have been known to take place whether these shark attacks incidences are provoked shark attacks or just unprovoked shark attacks incidences which occur just because of the sheer shark instincts which is there in the  water defending and exploring its territory and its feeding grounds. 
These beautiful dangerous sea creatures on the other hand have been hunted down from ages as food and as a delicacy in many parts of the world. Whether sharks really attack people or these shark bites are just a warning is a thing which still needs to be well understood by many people who have not had the chance to see a shark attack or have no idea of what to expect during an encounter with a shark while swimming diving or just on the beach relaxing. Are all the different types and species of sharks dangerous? 
Great white sharks are the most dangerous sharks

Despite their huge sizes and elegant shark movies we see portraying sharks as dangerous predators; these sharks in fact are some of the coolest animals you can ever swim with only if you have the heart and the guts. Not all sharks are dangerous apart from a few sharks such as the great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias), Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) and the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas)

getting out of the shark infested
water quickly and quietly is safe
Different geographical parts of the world have had different shack bites and shark incidences regarding indigenous shark species. Why do we have shark attacks and shark accidents? Is it because of the fear people have about sharks when they are in the water which contribute to these shark attacks and shark related accidents? How about this: “sharks don’t rely attack they just bite.” Would you call a shark bite an accident or a shark attack. If I were in the deep murky waters and surrounded by the great white sharks and you know there is no where to run for your life or shim away from these beautiful dangerous sharks, as a rule of thumb while you are in the land of the dangerous grizzly bears, just stay put and face the bear or the shark keeping eye contact and watching all its moves. While playing dead for the black bear works on land. I guess playing dead in the deep sea will definitely give you a ticket to be buried deep in the ocean.
Sharks have very good sense of
smell and can attack if the smell blood

Do you know the reason why people get bitten by sharks? Do these shark accidents happen by accidents or is it just part of nature the shark being in the right sport and you being at the wrong time at the wrong place to catalyze all the conditions which will contribute to a shark attack? You have all seen it all in the African Savannah where these beautiful dangerous big cats roam and rule the animal world. The lions, the elephants and the great apes have all played their part in the food web and according to our beautiful great white shark; this deep sea creature is just one of the beautiful animals you can ever think of if you have a connection with sharks. 

What do lions eat? Well you can name a number of animals, reptiles and insects ranging from snakes, crocodiles, insects, lizards, and ground pangolin just to name a few of the lions main diet which includes dear giraffes and zebras. With that in mind, do you think if a shark finds you in the water while you are swimming, fishing or just scuba diving won’t the shark want to take a bite at you? It’s just a natural reality that sharks also do explore things and like to munch and have a test of what is there to eat in its surroundings.

Broad nose seven gill shark
Notorynchus_cepedianus Sharks
do not have scales
 How much information and knowledge do people know about sharks? Has this great animal been given more negative coverage as compared to the tons of sharks being harvested from the different seas of the world? Finding yourself in such a shark environment is just one way that a shark will definitely bite you and there: you have a perfect shark attack incident. The African cheetah is blessed with speed; the African elephant is feared among all land animals with its beautiful strong tusks and trunk while the perfect human being is as unique as any other mammal on the planet. 

Broad nose shark: Most sharks
are born alive (viviparous)

Do you know the difference between these mammals and the sharks? Animals and human beings learn things exploring. The beautiful cat paws always tingles any foreign object it comes along its way, the African elephant uses its trunk to smell and explore its foreign intruders while man has hands and eyes to explore his natural environment. With the beautiful hands and legs/paws which many of the mammals have, these great creatures big and small have learned to use these limbs and body parts for their perfection. Animals have been able to use hands to grab objects, pull things, push objects and move the objects in all directions depending on the general condition and behavior of the. By using hands paws or legs, an animal is in a better position to explore and maneuver its object in any direction whether it is a threat or just for the pleasure of the animal.

About two-thirds of shark attacks
 on humans have taken place in
 water less than six feet deep
How would you feel when you saw a shark with two hands and with two hind legs? Would you call it a shark or an alien? Before even doing that would you be more interested to take a picture of the shark with two hands and share it on line to be the breaking news of  the day “ Great white shark with two hands: strange but true”. While many of us would blame it on global warming and the extent on which the world’s oceans have been polluted or a new discovery of the rare shark species or the sharks having mutated due to their natural habitat and for their survival, such shark incidences can send a chill under your spine. Keeping that in mind, you find that if sharks had hands, they would have been able to explore their food first tease with it while it drifts with the ocean currents before eating it. With the sheer size as some of the greatest animals in the oceans, these beautiful dangerous animals like to explore things with their mouth.

Most dangerous shark attacks 
less than 100 feet from the shore
 A shark will want to bite any thing which comes its way if it feels its food. How hard that shark bite is depends on the person or animal being bitten. The sheer big size razor sharp teeth of a shark are not objects to play with. A slight scratch can puncture tour body and make you bleed to death while at the same time attracting may dangerous sharks to come due to the smell of blood which always attracts sharks. Whether it’s a small bite or just a slight touch of the shark’s nose which hits someone while in the water can cause harm to the person in the water. While many surfers have ended up being alive while their surf board come out with visible sharp shark teeth marks. Many surfers have been spared. Whether you call that fate or the sheer fact that the shark was exploring the object moving on the water and mistaking it as potential shark food is just one of the reasons why we have these shark bites and shark accidents in the water. How much is known about sharks species behavior always determines the different shark encounters within a geographical area or the sharks natural habitat

People just need to know and have all the information about sharks, the education and all the shark communication to be passed on where there are in order to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous shark attacks situations in our beautiful beaches and oceans.

Many shark attacks accidents are motivated by a displacement or territorial behavior when a shark feels threatened or due to the fact that sharks respond according to their environment whether it is a hostile environment where the shark just needs to fend off intruders or the different water conditions such as (murky water), which may cause the sharks to either fight back or just swim away. While you are doing the exploring the oceans on your surfboard, yacht or just a sail, always remember there is a great beautiful shark which is there ready to explore your body parts with its razor sharp teeth as well

Shark Attacks Prevention and safety
Types of shark bites and shark attacks.
While you are out there in the beautiful beaches having a good time, always remember to be on the lookout before you enter any waters which could be harboring some sharks and for your own protection from sharks, always look for any signs of sharks posted on the coast or beaches where shark sightings are common or are prone to attack. Basically, there are 3 kinds of attack or shark bites as people call them:
Sharks will always give warning
signs before they attack

1 Shark bites which involve Hit and run:  This kind of shark attack is mainly a single strike and mostly happens to surfers in a surf area as a result of mistaken identity or territorial dominance. Remember it’s the shark’s teeth which does the handy work of exploring what is in the water and you find that  Injuries are  always minor.

The Mako sharks and the Great 
White sharks can leap or
 jump up 
out of the water
2 Shark Bump and bite: This is when the shark is hungry and surveys the prey in decreasing circles, bumping it to get an initial taste of the prey.  Be warned that after the bump always comes the bite, if the shark feels you are part of its diet it will always come back and have another chunk of your body. These kinds of shark attacks are always what make people to panic. Repeat visits are common and injuries severe.

3 The Sudden shark strike: As they say always be on the look our while you are in the water or just above the water to see any shark or animal movement while swimming due to the fact that the sudden shark bites or shark attacks are often done by the Great White when repeat visits are common and injuries tend to be severe.
Shark liver oil used to be the main
 source of vitamin A for humans

How to avoid a shark attack or a shark bite in shark waters:

Don't go alone swimming- these beautiful dangerous deep sea animals tend to go for lone prey as the shark’s perfect senses can tune in better on the person in the water and the sharks might find you easily to attack or to bite you. Sharks, like all predators, tend to go after solitary individuals, the weak and the infirm. Always be prepared for any sudden movements in the water as when you are many, sharks are less likely to attack people or fish in groups.
To add to that, since the dangerous great white sharks and tiger sharks tend to retreat after the first bite it's useful to have people who can be of help whenever there is a shark incident.

Don't go in deep - while it is true that some shark attacks happen in shallow water, more often sharks travel around steep drop offs or near river mouths, as that is where their natural food is found. Swimming away from ashore is just one of the reasons why you will definitely increase our chances for a shark attack incident.

Don't swim or surf in murky water – Sharks don’t see very well in murky waters. Sharks can mistake you for its food instead of another fish which is part of its diet. Mistaken identity is always the reason why people are attacked and in surf and/or murky water hungry sharks are always not able to see you very well and another shark fact that you have to be able to see them as well but if the situation is the same then always be prepared for a shark attack bite or getting a close encounter with sharks

Never attempt to venture or dawn/dusk/night swims – This is the perfect time for many of the sea creatures which come to hunt and feed closer to the beaches an all sharks tend to like this time. As far as you are concerned, visibility is always not good despite having a clear moon which might be romantic; it might as well end being romantic for the sharks circumventing you in response.

Be wise never swim if there's blood oozing out - sharks can smell your blood from  far away so NEVER enter the beach or any shark infested waters with open wounds, near where there is fishing/spear fishing activity, or near ocean garbage, and the ladies its better to be safe rather than to tempt your fate; ladies should not go in during their monthly cycle.

Don't wear jewelry – Always keep your jewelry in a safe place while you’re out there. Getting in the shark habitat is just one way of attracting sharks and being a victim of a shark attack incident. While in the water, a shark's vision is not that good as they rely on vibrations or electrical signals in the water. Sharks have a way of picking up on contrasting tones of dark and light very well which help them catch shiny fish. Don’t be the victim of a shark attack just because of your fashion which does not need to be extended in these shark treacherous waters. Save yourself by saving your jewelry.

Highly contrasting wetsuits [e.g. black and white] there is a lot of good swim ware with different brands and different material. Whether they are the colors which you like best, when it comes to swimming in the shark areas there is always no compromise. Swimsuits or jewelry may get part of you mistaken for a fish by a shark.

Don't go bare - wear a wet-suit, nothing like the taste of neoprene to put you off your dinner!

Don't panic - if you see a shark, leave the water as quietly and quickly as possible, or stay still and vertical [i.e. unlike a seal]

Don't swim where others have been attacked – Read the newspaper, watch TV search the web about recent shark attacks in your area and be satisfied that there is no danger for you and your family while you are out there. sharks do strike twice, unlike lightning.

The recreational groups most attacked are surfers, with bathers second. Surfers splash a lot in surf conditions which making it easier for sharks to mistake their identity. Surfers also spend the greatest proportion of time in the water. Since 1980 over 300 surfers worldwide have been mauled by sharks.

If you're being circled or otherwise hassled by a shark:
Lemon sharks world's most dangerous sharks
Swimmers and surfers - if the shark is circling you it may be just curious and checking its territory but if it continues circling and seems hungry try to look the opposite of its regular entreé - a seal. In other words don't splash and get/stay vertical.

Another way to prevent a hark attack or a shark bite is to join hands with another person while you are in the water, making your combined profile much bigger than the shark which will eventually deter the shark from attacking. Japanese pearl divers used to take off their loincloth and trail it in the water, increasing the apparent size of the swimmer thereby having a long story to tell of the shark encounter.

When you're attacked by a shark:
A female blue shark's skin is three 
times thicker than a blue male’s to 
survive courtship bites
Swimmers and surfers –Despite the fact that sharks are very huge creatures of the deep sea, they move with lightening speed and to spot them sometimes becomes difficult if you are not aware of the sudden water movements. Always look around the surface and below for a shadow which might resemble a shark, punch and kick at the shark’s nose and the eyes as well which are some of the shark’s most sensitive parts.  If a repeated attack occurs give all the punches you can ever think of. Shout for help and if you think surf savvy bathers or lifeguard is present. As a rule of thumb while you are drowning or being attacked by any sea creature the sign that you are in trouble is one arm raised high - do not wave with one arm, you may just get greeted back.

If you need help from a shark and want to wave use both arms or try the international diver’s shark sign of finger tips together - like a dorsal fin.

Get out of the dangerous shark waters as quickly as possible but without panicked splashing; swim smoothly and you will go faster and save yourself and other swimmers who might as well be in danger from the shark lingering around.

Your flippers will work best and attract fewer dangerous predatory fish if they don't splash, so learn how to use your flippers instead of attracting sharks as well.

*Yes really! Some surfers at a competition in Florida 2001 were attacked repeatedly by several sharks. They literally punched and kicked the menacing fish away from their boards because they wanted to get on with the competition. Some lacerations resulted but all the surfers lived to tell the tale.
A British surfer was attacked by a Great White in South Africa in 2005. It grabbed his leg and dragged him along, however he punched and kicked the shark and lived to tell the tale on national television!

Always give a helping hand to a shark attack:
If you see someone under a shark attack, go to help them. It's unknown for a shark to go for the help, they like to focus.
Scuba divers - If you have weapons, use them. If not, try to hit the shark's eyes or nose with anything - your camera, a rock or your fist.
Look at the Great White sharks in the eye. Really! They prefer to attack things that are not looking at them!
These beautiful dangerous animals like to attack from the side or below so you could find cover protected by rocks.
If you see the shark going around in ever decreasing circles, and even brushing you, expect an attack. If it then heads for you, twitching and jerking - unlike the usual smooth glide - make yourself into a small ball. When the big fish is closer, suddenly snap into a maximum size starfish shape. This apparently confuses the fish's primitive visual apparatus.
If you have a dive buddy - which you should have- holding him/her gives the beast the impression that you are bigger than the shark.
Remain calm and remember a panicked resurface could give you the bends and kill you.
100 million sharks are killed 
every year


  1. Here is a situation about sharks
    What do you do when you see a shark in the beach? do you run away and tell the other people or do you stay close to be beach and see if the shark has gone away? I just wanted to know so that the nest time I go swimming with my family I can know what to do about it


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  2. Shark is known as one of the most dangerous animals of the world.this article will help me to learn more about shark.Thanks for sharing.

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