The African Beautiful Lion King

Lions are Africa's Big five and the most dangerous big cats
Lions and specially the African lions are the most respected and feared animals in the world. Lions and specially the king lion is one of the most beautiful animal in the world. With all the lions in captivity and the lions in may parts of the world, where do you find the most beautiful lion in the world? No African safari is complete without having a glimpse of the African lion in the wilderness and in its natural habitat with its pride consisting of several females and other young lions and their cubs as well. These dangerous beautiful animals are just at peace when they have their food in abundance in the African Savannah plains whether its is during the wildebeest animal migration or just the mid of the dry season where all animals gather at a common water hole to fill their thirst and that’s where the lion acting actions kicks in.

The African lion mating ritual

The lion pride comes with lion cubs

Swahili Name : Simba
Female lions lack manes.
Lion Class: Mammalia

Lion Order: Carnivora

Lion Family: Felidae

Lion Species: Panthera leo

Feeding lionesses keep the lion pride strong intruders away
Lion hunting across the globe has sent the numbers of the most beautiful lions in the wild to fewer numbers had efforts of preserving and conservation not taken a stand in helping save the African lions. The lion is the only cat animal which has managed to stay with its family for the survival of the pride unlike other animals or prey which normally chase their young males and females as soon as they grow up so that they can go to the wilderness and hunt food for themselves. The world's most social felines, lions usually get by with a little help from their pride mates. This is one of the reasons as to why lions have managed to rule the African plains unlike other animals of prey roaming the African natural lion habitat.


lions roar keeps intruders away the
lions in the roar to show dominance
Lion cubs stay close to the lioness
the little lions find comfort
Lioness on heat ready to make babies
lions playing is part of the wild
Lions in the wild and specially the African lions are beautiful  amazing creatures as far as the cat family and the big five is concerned. The African lion has a very strong muscular body. Its amazing to know for all those who have really seen an African lion in action will truly agree that the African lion is not just the king of beast but also the King of the African jungles and the king of all animals of prey. With the lion having a strong and compact body the lion with its sheer size and strength can take or hunt an animal thrice its body weight. With the lion’s powerful forelegs, the lion can strike a devastating blow to its prey and cripple it with ease. The sharp lion claws are just as razor sharp as they can tear into flesh of other animals and send them seeming in the jungle and making matters worse by inviting animals like the hyenas which are some of the most dangerous animals in the lion ‘s habitat as well.

Dangerous lion eyes used in hunting
The lion uses its weight and its pays to attack & kill its prey
As many of all animal safari lovers might have had the story of the Tsavo lions, the dangerous man eaters of Tsavo as the story goes had a tooth problem and that is why it was hunting humans for food. Despite the fact that the Tsavo lions were not in a position to use their teeth properly, they were not deterred to keep on hunting.  While you are in the wilderness whether you are a tourist or just a animal in the lions menu, the lions teeth are as sharp and strong such that with a single bite, it can tear your brains out as most lions go for the jugular vein in order to kill their prey very first. 

Lion cubs groamed and nursed
Beautiful African lion cus

With such powerful jays of the lion which can be heard when echoing in the distance, finding yourself in the lions marked territory is just a mistake of any animals which crosses into the lions territory and that is just a good recipe for an eminent attack not just from the male lion but from the whole pride.

With the golden green fresh grass lashing across the African savannah plains and home to many of the greatest lion pride in Africa and the world at large, the lion’s yellow golden coat has made the lion to blend with its surrounding and given him cover to hunt within the required distance in order to make every lion hunt a successful. While the other young adult male lions do possess a rather shaggy mane, many lions tend to have a different kind of coat which make a lion look blond to reddish-brown, while some of the lions might have a  beautiful black mane. 
Beautiful lion's mane to attract femates

Dangerous lion ready to prey
How would a lion look without the mane? Animals such as the leopard, the tiger and the cheetah all don’t have mane but the lion with its beautiful mane just makes the lion stands out in all animal kingdom. Usually the length and color of the lion’s mane is believed to be determined many factors or conditions about lions such as the lion’s age, the lion’s genetics, and the lion’s hormones. Did you know that it would be very difficult to spot a lion’s cub when it is born if it were in the midst of some cheetah or leopard cubs as well? It’s just unbelievable to note that these beautiful lion cubs are born with spot and when the baby lions gradually grow up, the lion cub’s coat changes gradually until there are no more spots in the baby lion. 

Lion pride protected by strong lion
The Lion’s SIZE:
Where in the world do you find the biggest lions? By the way, are there any records about the biggest lion in the world or the biggest lion ever lived or living? Is nit not fair not to have this lion information available on the internet about the biggest or the largest lion in the world? I guess the largest or the biggest lions wherever they are or wherever they were do no longer exist. The biggest lions through out Africa and the rest of the world saw the killing and the onslaught of the different lion prides through out Africa. When the rich and the royal came to Africa during the scramble for Africa and as a way of exploring, animals big and small were hunted down in plenty and many of their skins are still hanging in the walls of the rich and the royal while some lion skins are just on the floor laid down as mats. 
Lioness sleeping after a heavy meal

Do you really think this is the right place to put the skin or the coot of the king of the jungle rather than giving an everlasting animal environment in its own natural habitat...? What were these lions hunted down? Well it was a matter of sports. For the moment, despite the sheer number of lions improving, the biggest lions which used to ram and terrorize other animals in the African savannah lands are just in the handful of a few national parks and game reserves in Kenya Tanzania and South Africa where man and animals have always been creating habitat loss for one another.
Tsavo lions on a hunt ready to attack

As the lion is listed as one of the endangered animal species in the world, you get that the African male lions grow larger than the female lions. The perfect African lion when fully grown can reach a length of about ten feet long. The female lions just like any other mammals which are always smaller than the male lions, on average the female lions reach about nine feet long. As a perfect way of communicating and chasing away flies in the African Savannah jungles, the lion’s tail is a very important part of the lion when it comes to the lion cubs. The cute little lion babies will always be fascinated with the lion’s tail when it is being swished back and forth as they keep on jumping here and there tying to bite away the lion’s tail during the lion cubs hunting practices. This lion tail will always come to grow up to two- to three-feet-long.  


lion safaris in Kenya Tanzania South Africa Angola
Where would you find the perfect lion prides in the world? If you talk about lions and the different lion species that are existing in the world, apart from the lions which are in captivity and in zoos and private ranches and many or the remaining lions are only found in Africa. While India or Asia has a small population of lions, the biggest population of lions is found in East Africa. Despite the fact that the number of lions in South Africa is also increasing, the South African lions still remain in many of the ranches and protected areas while the biggest lion population is found in Kruger National Park. The political upheavals of the African countries has not only been able to disperse people but also contributed a lot to the loss of animal habitat and breeding grounds as well. Africa where lions big and small used to ram the land are now concentrated in a few protected countries. 

Many lions are mostly found from the sub Sahara to the north of South Africa. The tropical rainforest of central and western Africa has hindered the vast lion population to this natural habitat due to its moist natural environment which is not conducive for lions which is one reason why lions are mostly located in the East coast of Africa.


Lions and lionesses fighting dangerous animal attacks
Top ten world's most dangerous animals
Why do you think people make safaris to Africa to see animals? Well the main reason is to have a closer look and have a glimpse of these beautiful lions they see in inspirational movies such as the lion king and when one makes such a trip to Africa. The information about lions someone gets is just as important to the status of lions and for its future conservation. The lion and all the lion species both in the wild and in captivity is listed as vulnerable on the World Conservation Union's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Animals. The Gir Forest population, which consists of about 300 lions, is listed as endangered.

Lion Habitat:
With a beautiful flora and fauna, the African lions enjoyed the splendor of being in their own natural habitat where predator and prey have lived within the lion’s territory and breeding grounds. The African Savannah home to the best lion habitat is the most natural habitat and breeding ground for lions as most of the animals which the lion feeds on is found in the African Savannah and thus making the African Savannah the perfect hunting grounds and the perfect lion feeding grounds as well. With tall green and dry grasses to hide, the African grass lands provide good cover for the lions which it needs in order to hunt its prey and to make that  successful kill within a close striking and hunting distance. The scattered thick bushes makes the African lions blend with ease and there by making the African lions to be able to hunt both during the day and during the cover of darkness as well. Despite the fact that lions can go hungry for almost five days, these beautiful dangerous animals can keep on eating day in and day out so long as there is plenty of animals to attack and feed on and Africa is where all this animal action is in plenty and a reason why many people come to Africa for such exiting animal safari.

Lion cubs roaring during hunting
practices yet to be perfected
Lions eat primarily large animals, such as zebra and wildebeest, weighing from 100 to 1,000 pounds. In times of shortage, they also catch and eat a variety of smaller animals from rodents to reptiles. Lions steal kills from hyenas, leopards, and other predators, but may also lose their catches to hyena groups. Lions may also feed on domestic livestock, especially in areas near villages.

Lion cubs trying to swim: cute lion
cub playing in the Savannah
For those who are not able to make it to Africa and see lions in their natural habitat and feeding grounds in action, many animal shelters who have managed to rescue lions and other dangerous cats have had the privilege to take these dangerous beautiful lions and raised them in captivity or zoos so that the locals and natives of these regions where lions are not part of their natural habitat can also have a closer look at lions. With many organized zoos as the closest someone can get to see a live lion feeding, in many zoos, many zoo Keepers feed lions with beef. While some Zoos can give a goad or a lamb to the lions, the variety and quality of the lion’s food or the lion’s diet really remains at the desecration of the zoo management and the lions feeding habit. 

African lions the best hunters in
the African Savannah lands
Normally the lions are fed twice a week. Do you know what the difference is when a lion is fed in the zoo and when a lion hunts for its own food? It’s the adrenalin of the lion which kicks in and the smell of blood and the anxiety of expecting other lions or animals of prey such as the dangerous hyenas which can easily come and snatch out the lion’s food or lions kill just under their nose. It’s the piling and pushing of other lions as they sit on their bellies gauging chucks of meat down their throats as flies and vultures hovering above the sky waiting for their chance to have a meal out of the lion’s leftovers

Lioness feeding baby lions while
sleeping and well fed
There are many beautiful pictures about lions which many animal safari lovers have managed to capture. These beautiful photos depict the lion and the lioness mating and all the lion rituals and myth surrounding the lion reproduction cycle. In fact the female lions usually give birth to very cute little lion cubs. The lioness usually gives birth to a litter every two years. It’s always not easy to spot a lioness during the few weeks when the lioness has given birth. Only very few people have managed to see the lioness move its little babies from one place in fear of other lions which might put its cubs in danger or for the protection of it s cubs from other lion predators or animals of prey as well. 

Lioness on the lookout for intruders
and predators in their territory
The female lions when on heat will welcome any adult male lions to smell whether the lioness is ready to mate and most of the time the lionesses are receptive. While in the wilderness the African lions will always face some challenges fro mother aspiring adult males which will want to take the pride and in doing so, many young lions or lion cubs which have no means of protection themselves from the adult dominant lion are always killed. There are some cases where by the new adult male lion will eat the lion cubs so that the lioness can come to heat within a short period of time and be ready to mate again.  

The most beautiful dangerous lion
growing to be the world biggest lion 
The dominant lion will continue to mate for a few days intervals and for several times a year, unless the female lions are pregnant or the lions are nursing. Female lions give birth to one to six lion cubs after a gestation of about three and a half months. The little lion cubs when they are born will nurse for six months. With plenty of habitat to move around and to socialize, the lion cubs are always very vulnerable at this particular age as they are always defenseless when the lioness goes hunting with the rest of the pride or goes to drink water. 

baby lions hunting playing running
and chasing one another 
The lion cubs start eating meat at about three months. Many times when there is scarcity of food, and the lioness has to make a lot of movements hunting down animals to feed and make enough milk for the cubs, the lioness can sometimes abandon its cubs for its own survival which has been one of the reasons as to why the number if lions sometimes seems to go down in areas where the pride of lions is small and different changing weather conditions and unforeseen pests and diseases which are ever ending in the African savannah lands.

Lions resting under a tree ready to attack beautiful lion
family lioness protecting their natural habitat
Why do lions which are the king of the jungle live almost the same age as other animals of prey? Being the king of the jungle, the lion while in captivity stands a better chance of survival other than in the wilderness alone. Despite the advancement in modern medicine the plight of the African lion has seen a drastic change in the wake of animal protection and information or how to best care for the lion while giving it the best natural habitat and breeding ground as well. 

With little competition for lions to deal with while in the zoo, lions which are kept in captivity tend to live longer with little competition from other predators and fighting for their survival in the arena of many dominant lions with little lion hunting territory and hunting grounds to be are of. Usually lions raised in zoos live into their late teens or early 20s. The male lions in the wild live for about 12 years while female lions live for about 15 years.  

lion in the thick bush waiting to
attack lion catching prey
African lioness Lion mating rituals
There is nothing as splendid as seeing a lions pride walking and stalking its prey in the African jungles. During the amazing wildebeest animal migration, the African lion pride with all the big cats come alive. It’s the feast of the year which comes when the long rains have brought forth the fresh green grass ready to be harvested while the Nile crocodile sweep clean the Mara river and the lions hunt the weak, sick and the old as the wildebeest migration crosses across the Kenyan Masai Mara plains. As far as the lion information and lion behavior in the wildernesses concerned, many lion photographs have been taken showing different sizes of the lion family and how they behave. 

Feeding female lions as the
protectors and the bond of the pri
family of lions in the Lions den the
work of the most dangerous lion
A few lion documentaries also show how these beautiful dangerous animals live and have given people an understanding how social lions are. In fact, lions live in groups of related females called prides. Depending on the location and the lion habitat, a good lion pride can have as many as 40 individuals, including adult lions and young adult lions and a number of lion cubs with one or more resident males.  The African savannah has a lot of lion’s food: zebras, impalas, Cape buffalo, dear, warthogs hence the availability for the lion to sustain its life in the wilderness plays a significant role in the size of a lion pride. Most of the time you find that in the lion’s family the pride mates associate in sub-groups within the pride.

baby lions drinking in  Nile crocodile
infested waters
The lionesses and feeding mothers stay in their mothers' prides for life, unless food scarcity forces them out of the pride and to go and fend for themselves or when they are kicked out of the pride by other dominant female lions. When little lion cubs become mature, the Young male lions as a normal lion custom and part of the lion’s right of passage, the young and prospering lions are driven from the lions prides when they grow large enough to compete with the dominant males. 

Two or four cubs are born to the
 African lion to hunt the wilderness
The African lion is the largest lion
in the world
With the lions having a lot of territory at their disposal to roam the African wilderness, the young male lions join in coalitions, usually with brothers and cousins, and search for a pride to take over which is one of the most dangerous scenario you can ever think or dream of. The lion pride is always at stake. Fierce lion battles are fought, the defeated lion pride is devastated, and many lions within the pride are wounded which leaves them vulnerable to other animal attacks from hyenas and wild African hunting dogs as well. 

Baby lion attacks are very common
when the lion cubs are young
The lion's roar keeps other animals
away and wars them of any attack
The new lion king of the pride will kill all cubs that cannot run from them. Adult males that are fortunate enough achieve residency within a pride hold tenure for an average of two years, often leaving due to eviction by another coalition of males. When such a fact of life reaches its climax, all that is beautiful according to the eyes of the beholder as far as the lion with all is pride is concerned boils down to the understanding that these beautiful and social lions have their own ways of handling nature and when the animal or lion instincts kicks in as a matter of survival and a continuation of the lion's  generation, it’s the mighty lion which has a say to ram and to defend its territory.

Just after taking over the pride, Its amazing to note that the male lions generally take on most of defense duties, however, both males and females will mark their territories by roaring and scent marking (urine). The female lions will tend to raise the lion cubs and are the primary hunters hunting day in day out to feed themselves and to get enough to produce milk for the lion cubs as well. 
The most beautiful African lion
pride in the world

Although male lions do join the females during hunting, when the lion hunt is a success, the lion which is the head of the pride will always take the lions share while the little lion cubs will feed in the end. Nomadic male lions must hunt alone or scavenge from other animals or dead animals which is not the typical nature for lions to eat from a carcass or a dead animal which was hunted by a different animal altogether. During a lion hunt several lions stalk their prey from different an angle which is a skill they keep on perfecting from the day they were born and work on perfecting it day by day. While wind and the open grass land can determine the lion’s catch a good distance for a promising lion’s hunt is always within 100 feet before attacking the targeted animal. 

The largest lion in the world beautiful
dangerous African safaris
With many protective skills of the animals being hunted by the lions also being perfected as a way of protection or attacks from the lions, the zebras kick are a spowerful as any other weapon which can send a lion screaming for its life and never to come again.  A giraffe’s long kick is one of the deadliest kicks which many lions tend to fear despite the slow motion of the giraffe movements while the cape buffalo has been known to counter attack if they see that one of their members is under attack by the lions. These animal attacks are just what nature has to offer. May great animal safaris have been made all in the name of bringing closer to home all these beautiful animals so that we can understand lions and be able to preserve them as lions are part of nature and with an understanding that we have to co exist with lions given.

African lions are some of the biggest cats the world
the lion habitat extends miles and miles
Tigers are lions' closest relatives. Without their coats, lion and tiger bodies are so similar that only experts can tell them apart.
A lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away.
A male coalition rarely holds onto a pride longer than two to three years before being run off by fierce challengers
Grrrl Power: While the male lion is off patrolling the pride's territory, the lionesses are the ones that do most of the hunting for the group.

A Low Batting Average: The wilds of Africa and Asia are host to a never-ending arms race between predator and prey. Even the formidable lion only makes one kill out of every five attempts.

Swimming Lions?: Most lions avoid water; their body temperature drops drastically when wet and oils in their fur that help keep insects away can be washed off. Yet, the lions of the Okavango Delta regularly take to the water to hunt and move from island to island.

Sleepy Lions: Lions often sleep for most or all of the day, especially in extreme heat.
A Formidable Hunter: Found in Africa and the Gir Forest of northwest India, lions are formidable hunters. Prides, composed of four to six females, work together to take down large prey, such as zebra, wildebeest, impala and buffalo. Hunting skills are developed as cubs through the use of play-fighting among relatives. A lion's diet also consists of small rodents, hares and reptiles, which can be hunted and killed by a solitary lion.
The King of Cats: Males live in pairs or small groups until they're able to take over a pride. The males defend their large territorial areas against other male intruders to protect their mating rights with the prides that live within their territory.
Lions on trees cheeking prey and predator in the
forest sometimes running away from strong lions
pic  Yvonne Matiba   : 


  1. Which is the largest lion in the world? Is it the Asian lion or the new breeds of white lions? I know the African are huge and awesome but is there any difference
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    1. As far as the largest lion or the biggest lion is concerned, there very few lions which grow to maturity and at the same time lions become fully grown between 5 and 6 years and normally live about 13 years. with the present animal poaching in the beautiful national parks and game reserves of Africa, many of the biggest lions don't even live to see their mature ages due to animal competition and loss of habitat. The young lions always take over the pride and the dominant lion is chased away from the pride. The chances of seeing this male lion with many other predators such as hyaenas can take down this king of the jungle when it enters its territory

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  2. The world's most social felines, lions usually get by with a little help from their pride mates. This is one of the reasons as to why lions have managed to rule the African plains unlike other animals of prey roaming the African natural lion habitat. Safari Africa

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