World’s Most Dangerous animals

Top Ten World’s Most Dangerous animals

Top ten worlds most dangerous
animals in Africa and Asia
What is this myth as the world’s dangerous animals? Why do we call them dangerous animals?  Are these animals really dangerous or depending on your natural habitat? To some of the people who have never seen a lion or an elephant, such a thing about dangerous animals does not ring a bell at all. But this does not prove that there are animals out there which are very dangerous and dangerous indeed such that when you come across them while in the deserts, in the African jungles or just in your natural habitat, these dangerous animals deserve their respect at all cost and care has to be taken while in their natural habitat and breeding grounds as well.

Cheetah the most dangerous and
the fastest land mammal on earth
There are many great movies and animal documentaries about these beautiful animals which we call dangerous animals. While man has been able to tame the African jungles and scaled the Mount Everest and sailed to the North and South Pole, the dangerous animals and the friendly animals he has mongered to encounter has never deterred man to explore the deep Amazon forest and the rainforest of the different parts of the world. With every dangerous animal and insect’s encounters, that has paved the way in informing educating and communicating about the dangerous animals in the world at their own natural habitat.

Puma the most dangerous mountain
lions in America and Canada
The great African Savannah animals, the crocodile dandy and the amazing dolphins rescue stories around the world have all been a source of great love and inspiration. The movie Madagascar, The lion king animated animal movie, the scorpion king  movie and Tarzan the king of the jungle  are just some of the best animal movies which have little or less portraying these beautiful animals we have in our beautiful national parks and zoos as dangerous animals. Well as a matter of fact if these animals were not dangerous, we wouldn’t have put them in the parks or zoos or caves for our own protection and for their own protection as well. Remember it’s about the dangerous animals attacks which make the news or the headlines on a daily basis in different parts of the world. The different animal attacks whether perceived attacks or unintended attacks are just as fatal and devastating to the psychology of the attacked victim and the community as a whole.

Dangerous animals: amazing list of the top dangerous wild animals

Dangerous elephants in Africa
the most dangerous animals
The world’s ten most dangerous animals in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe North and South America and Alaska are all different given the different facts about animal in these different natural habitat and the different facts as different parts of the world  have different animal feeding and breeding grounds different animal protection  and animal rescue laws which prevent animals and people to get into contact which hinders the process of these animals becoming dangerous and also becoming endangered animals as well. That is why different would have their own listing of the ten most dangerous animals in the world.  

dangerous grizzly bears after hibernation protecting the
bear cubs in the bear habitat
While some call them the top ten deadliest or the most dangerous animals in the world, many of the animals which top the world’s top ten most dangerous animal list are mainly animals and insects such as  the Mosquito which has and is till leading the list as the most dangerous insect or animal in the world, the beautiful African Savannah safari Lion and all the Big cat family which include the Dangerous Asian tigers, the spotted and clouded leopard, the African cheetah, the jaguar, the black panther, the mountain lions of America and  the cougar. African having been blessed with many of the most dangerous animals, the beautiful rivers also possess the natural habitat and breeding grounds of the most dangerous animals such as the dangerous Nile crocodile and the salt water crocodiles and alligators of Australia china America and may parts of Asia, the bear family which is composed of the Arctic snow white bear, the brown grizzly bear and the beautiful black bear.

Great white shark attacks 
The African elephant and the Bush elephant which proved difficult to tame for decades as compared to the Indian elephant, these two elephants species are some of the worlds most dangerous animals specially in Africa and in Asia despite the fact that African elephant and the Asian elephant have very little difference, they are part of the top ten worlds most dangerous animals of the world as they also take the title as the biggest and the heaviest land mammals in the world. The boas, constrictors and the different rattlesnake species such as the water snakes and the black mamba top the list of the most dangerous animals in Africa and Australia and in many parts of the world while the African hippopotamus and the beautiful jelly fish and dangerous jellyfish are as dangerous as they people have learnt about the dangerous jellyfish stings. How does a jellyfish sting look like? How do you get stung by a dangerous jellyfish? When do you know you have been stung by a jellyfish is just a stage and the process which these dangerous beautiful jellyfish will sting and leave the jellyfish venom to run through your body system. In many of the worlds top ten most great oceans and top ten most beautiful beaches of the world, the top ten worlds’ most dangerous animals is not complete if  the great white shark is not part of this special top ten list of the most dangerous animals of the world.  

These top ten most dangerous animals of the world earn their great names as the champions of the worlds greatest animals in the world because the have the speed to attack, they have the power to attack and they have the effect to kill or give the required punishment which will either kill or leave the animal or person in despair or with no hope of surviving. Apart for that, these beautiful dangerous animals have the greatest bodies in the world, they have the strongest muscles, trunks in the world, they possess the deadliest poison in the world, with stealth, and they surprise their prey with the greatest speed which leaves their opponent at their mercy.

African elephant with cute baby
elephant going to their home
When do these beautiful dangerous animals attack? How do this animals attack? Why do these animals attack if they have been part of us and we have been part of them for decades? With the encroachment of the natural animal habitat and animal feeding grounds man has ventured into dangerous and deadly grounds which are protected by the sheer animal instincts to attack any intruders which are a threat to his environment and to his young ones. This amazing sheer fact of animal behavior is not yet instilled in man hence the instincts we have are yet still to be developed as we still have little knowledge about animals and their surroundings. People still need to be aware about these dangerous animals that they exist in time and space and we still need to have very good animal facts as too why these beautiful dangerous animals attack and how to best protect ourselves from these animals when they attack.

Mountain lions with cubs resting
the most endangered lions in USA
Is it the animal hunger or the protection of the animal’s natural habitat and animal feeding grounds? Do animals attack because of the protection of the baby animals or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time while in the wilderness or the different forest and animal country without proper animal protection equipment, animal safety negligence or unforeseen incidences and how to handle and how to act while in the company of a wounded animal in a hostile animal environment. How is someone expected to respond to such live animal conditions if someone has no knowledge about animal protection and animal preparedness in case of an eminent attack? Are these some of the best reasons as to why these beautiful dangerous animals attack? 

These are just some of the known reasons as to why these top ten beautiful dangerous animals of the world top the list of animals involved in deadly attacks. It’s not all the time that it takes a provocation for an animal to attack, other dangerous animals such as the jellyfish, the African lions, the Nile crocodile or the great white sharks do not need a provocation to attack.  People need to understand about animal attacks and how learn how these animals react in different animal habitat and protect themselves from these beautiful dangerous creatures which roam earth

Mosquitoes: topping the list of the World's most dangerous animal in the wild world.
According to the UN World Heath Organization Malaria information for travelers,
Mosquito causing malaria the biggest human
killer in the world
Malaria is a common and life-threatening disease by mosquitoes. The malaria disease brought by these dangerous mosquitoes is a risk in tropical and subtropical areas of over 100 countries. An estimated 30 000 international travellers fall ill with the disease caused by mosquitoes annually. Fever occurring in a traveller one week or more after entering a malaria risk area, and up to 3 months after departure, is a medical emergency that should be investigated urgently. Prompt diagnosis and correct treatment of malaria can mean the difference between life and death

 The ABCD of malaria protection
Word's top ten dangerous smallest
insect bite causing malaria
A. Be Aware of the risk, the incubation period and the main symptoms
B. Avoid being Bitten by mosquitoes, especially between dusk and dawn
C. Take antimalarial drugs (Chemoprophylaxis) to suppress infection where appropriate
D. Immediately seek Diagnosis and treatment if a fever develops one week or more after entering an area where there is a malaria risk, and up to 3 months after departure.

Malaria in travellers can usually be prevented. All travellers to malarious regions should follow the ABCD principles listed above.

WHO publishes annually updated information on malaria, its geographical distribution and recommended preventive measures in International Travel and Health. Interim travel advisories are published in the Weekly Epidemiological Record.
Word's top ten most dangerous
animal causing deaths in thousands
The mosquito is properly known for spreading deadly malaria. This small dangerous also spreads  yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile virus, which was recently introduced to the US and is now prevalent in all states.With over 40 children dying every day of malaria in the countries of Asia e.g., India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, South America such as Peru, Columbia, Bolivia etc, Africa mainly Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somali, Rwanda, Chad and the rest of South and central Africa, the mosquito is the most deadliest dangerous animal/ insect/ creature in the world killing over 750000 killed every year and rendering a quarter billion cases to be reported every year worldwide. The cure for the most dangerous animal causing malaria is still yet to be perfected as this deadliest killer has been difficult to eradicate in our natural environment. With other mosquito related viruses such as the dengue virus is just another form of attack which has caused many death to many parts of Brazil, Thailand, Cuba, Indonesia, Colombia,  Mexico, Philippines, Honduras, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, India and Pakistan.

Mosquito Method of dispatch: Using serrated mouth parts, the female mosquitoes pierce the skin and inject saliva containing a thinning agent to liquidise the blood. Most people won't know that they have been bitten by a mosquito until the immune system reacts, resulting in red, itchy bumps that continue to itch for days after the initial dangerous mosquito bite.

Useful malaria avoidance techniques:
Dangerous mosquito attacks
protection and prevention of
Malaria dengue fever
In many of the world’s market beautiful cheep mosquito nets treated with DDT are the most effective way to keep mosquitoes and the best protection from mosquito attacks. There are also different varieties of mosquito killer sprays and treatments that can be applied directly to the skin. People in the wilderness or in malaria and mosquito natural habitat and breeding grounds should wear light-coloured, long clothes in the evening to prevent these deadly and painful mosquito bites. If travelling to malaria zones, ensure that you take your full course of tablets before, during and after your stay.

The most dangerous snakes in the world
Venomous deadly snakes in the world
Snakes come in all sizes. Big snakes and small snakes. With the different kinds and different species of snakes, these beautiful venomous snakes have been on the forefront as some of the world’s top ten most dangerous animals or reptiles in the world. The biggest and the most Venomous Snakes in Africa, the beautiful sea snakes and the Australian desert snakes are some of the snakes that need to be avoided.  The rich agricultural lands of Asia farm lands such as India, China, and Pakistan have the deadliest snakes in the world such as the India cobra. North American countries such as  Mexico, United States, Canada, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama the  Amazon jungle and rainforest have some of the most beautiful dangerous and the most venomous snakes in the world. 

India Cobra: deadliest snake in Asia 
Beautiful snakes dangerous
venomous snakes in the World
Many deadly snake bites take place day in and day out. With difficult in transport and communication these dangerous snake bites or animal attacks are not being reported while snake bite treatment doesn’t come when needed proper diagnostics and medication is not available in many of the areas where these dangerous animal attacks are located. With many snake attack cases not being reported in many of the third world countries due to the terrain and the natural habitat,  many such animal and  dangerous snake bites are always  unaccounted for

African lions the dangerous predators
The dangerous lions at Tsavo say it all. These beautiful elegant lions walk and run in stile. The lion’s sheer size strength and power can attack any animal big or small in the whole world. While the great number of lions contribute to the lion being labeled as the “king of beasts,”, the king of prey,  King of the Jungle" "Man Eater", these dangerous animals are mostly active at night and say as well. With plenty of lion habitat and feeding grounds, Africa home to many of the different lion species has seen the highest number of lion attacks tan any other continent or any other part in the world.

Lions top ten man eaters in Africa
The tall African Savannah grassland is just the perfect place for any surprise animal attacks which sometimes has dense scrub, and open woodland. Like many other wild animals attacks,  lion attacks can be prevented and help can be provided if one is prepared to match the intelligence, power, defense and attack mechanism between Man and the lion king of beast

Cute lion's powerful emotions
The lion while protecting his pride works hard to keep intruders and other animals which might threaten the lions pride and his pride and family as well. Usually the grown male lion move long distances looking for food and will not hesitate to kill any other animals which comes into its territory or if it’s hungry. 

the largest lion int he wild yawning
and roaring funny animal picture
Lions Method of dispatch: lions just like the cheetah and the leopard always attack from the back and go for the jugular vain or break the victim’s neck. The African lion s while hunting will stalk their prey and often attack from a good striking distance which the lion can perform without having to run miles which it is not capable of.  As soon as the powerful lion’s jaws get hold of the body, the animal or victim is always eaten alive as narrated by the victims of the mane less lions of Tsavo during the building of the Kenya Uganda Railway.

The biggest lion in the world
Lion attacks avoidance techniques: To avoid a dangerous attack by a lion or a big cat, stare the lion in the eye and don't look away. To make yourself appear larger by opening your coat if you have or extend your arms as lions are unlikely to attack a larger animal.  DO NOT Make the mistake to turn and run. Any lion even a house cat can chase you away if you turn your back and run- you may as well flash a neon sign asking to be attacked by any dangerous animal. These beautiful dangerous lions can outrun you in any case. Shout, scream and throw stones. If a lion holds you and is attacking you, the only and the safest way is to  punch the lions nose and eyes.

The deadliest African Nile and Salt water crocodiles.
Dangerous Nile crocodiles ready
to attack unsuspecting people and
animals drinking water
The biggest African Nile crocodile and the Asian salt water crocodile not forgetting the Australian giant crocodile have been hunted for their skins and for trophy. These giant crocodiles have managed to terrorize villages and have become known as some of the most dangerous reptiles in the world. Crocodiles and alligators allover the world with their sharp jaws and powerful teeth have been known to snap and break bones of the great wildebeest animal migration animals crossing the Mara River. These dangerous crocodiles in the African great Lakes and river day in and day out attack unsuspecting people who go to the rivers to fetch water or to clean their cloths or just for a swim.  Gustavo one of the biggest African Nile crocodile is reported to have eaten and attacked many people south of the Zambezi River.  

The most dangerous Nile crocodiles
during the wildebeest animal
migration Masai Mara and Serengeti
The dangerous Nile crocodile having the greatest powerful jaws, teeth and stealth, these dangerous have been able to attack scores of both animals and people in many of the African lakes and rivers, Indian Great lakes and the waters of Australia which possess some of the largest and longest crocodiles and alligators in the world which is responsible for many deaths to people who throng these dangerous and deadly waters and succumb to their death. Despite warnings for people not to swim in these dangerous crocodile waters, getting attacked by a crocodile is something you would not wish for when the crocodile attempts to perform the death spin

Dangerous crocodile mouth ready to
Crocodile Method of dispatch: The Nile crocodiles move with amazing speed,. The dangerous Nile crocodiles can launch themselves out of the water like a missile and latch hold of their prey which might be lingering on the bunk of a river or just on the shallow waters of the lake. The Nile crocodiles then go into a death roll, spinning the animal being attacked around and around to disorientate and in the event immobilize it by breaking some of its limbs and lessening its chance of escape.

Crocodile avoidance techniques: 
Dangerous African lions eating Nile crocodiles in the
African Savannah lands
Look for sights which state crocodiles in water do not swim in this pond or lake. Be warned whether you are a good strong swimmer: do not swim in areas where there are crocodiles. It may be hot, and you may want a swim, but these beautiful dangerous  crocodiles will see you coming in the water and the chances of you not seeing them while they are in the water is great. If a crocodile attacks you shout, scream, and claw the crocodile on the nose and you might be lucky to prevent dangerous crocodile attack and safe your life. Big animals such as the African elephant have countless been attacked by these dangerous crocodiles How about a human being who has less power as compared to the African jumbo?

Worlds top ten most dangerous hippo
It’s strange to not that the two World’s most dangerous animals in the world share the same natural habitat and the sane feeding and breeding grounds. It’s funny to know that the beautiful Hippopotamus is one of the biggest African animals on the brink of being extinction. Despite that the biggest amphibian in the world cannot just is one of the most dangerous animals in the world and has earned its name to the top tem most dangerous animals in the universe.  The African hippopotamus is the world’s biggest animal with the longest canines. What other animal holds the most records in the African continent?  

Dangerous hippo out of the water
The biggest hippopotamus families and herds have been known to attack some of the most dangerous crocodiles in the same natural habitat in many of the great crocodiles and hippopotamus infested waters, rivers and lakes of Africa. 

The hippopotamus is mainly found in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, South Africa and some pockets within the African countries. People and other land and sea animals that come in between the mother hippopotamus and the baby hippopotamus are always in danger of being attacked by the hippopotamus as the hippo’s animal instinct will attack without warning to defend its family. People traveling in canoes and boats have been attacked by hippopotamus and their boats toppled.  Peaceful African farmers have been chased from their homestead while these beautiful dangerous hippopotamus nocturnal creatures forage for food  on their land and there by destroying their crops and the clash between man and animals which is the basis of all animal attacks as the feeding grounds and man’s natural living habitat has been compromised and hence the African hippopotamus the giant of the African great lakes deserves to be part of the Top ten most dangerous animals for its sheer destruction not only in Africa but the rest of the world.

Hippopotamus Method of dispatch: A dangerous hippopotamus will charge with great speed. The hippo while attacking will trample and gore victim its victim which can be an animal or a human being with alarming ferocity as this is mostly when the hippopotamus is blocked from its comfort zone which is mainly the deep water or someone is standing between the hippo and the baby hippo. These top ten most dangerous animals have been known to upturn boats and canoes without provocation and feast on the people it has attacked. Crocodiles and other animals have been known to be attacked by hippos despite hippopotamus being herbivores.

Hippopotamus techniques: 
Hippos are animals which do not need to be surprised While canoeing in any infested dangerous hippopotamus waters, rap on the side of the boat with your paddle to warn any hippopotamus which could be a threat to you that you are close by, therefore giving the hippos a chance to move to deeper waters will greatly help avoiding any dangerous hippo attacks. If you surprise a hippopotamus on its breeding and feeding grounds or the hippo’s natural habitat where they feel most vulnerable, do not block their escape route to water.

Word’s top ten most dangerous brown, black, white bears
Baby bear Cub animal attacks myth
Bears are the largest carnivorous mammals as far a as the American and European continent is concerned. These dangerous beautiful bears  have been known to live within their limits and natural habitat but with the ever bear and man contact in the bear habitat, these beautiful bears have found an easy way of becoming dependant on the food of most campers given the bear’ good sense of smell. Many people attach themselves with teddy bears which portray a lot of love and affection. But in real life these dangerous tons of muscles are just as deadly as ay world’s top dangerous animals when you encounter a bear face to face. The Arctic snow  white bears, the black bear and the brown bear are all dangerous animals and for those who go bear hunting or just for the and venture of the rainforest, the bears have been known to enter in to people cars and eaten anything such as food they could find. Bears have been known to enter homes in search of food for many of the houses which are built in the bear country or just next to where bear lives and as a result these dangerous bears l share part of the top ten most dangerous animals of the world. 

Beautiful dangerous grizzly bears
the most deadly animals due to
habitat loss and human interaction
A black bear smelling its habitat
With the bear protection and bear hunting being enforces in many states or USA and Canada these beautiful animals are yet to see a comeback in their natural habitat. The black bears, the brown bears and the white bears just like the African dangerous lions have very powerful strong paws and claws in the world. When bears hit you with their paws, the attack will defiantly make you beg and run for your life. These beautiful dangerous animals have found easy access to man’s natural living habitat and a clash of the species which has always increased animal attacks. Caution and neglect has lead to many animal or bear attacks which could have been prevented both in Canada and USA. Unlike the African and lion which will maul you and finish you, the dangerous bear will only end its dangerous attack if it feels there is no threat or imminent danger.  

Black bears brown bears and polar
polar bears are all dangerous
Bears living in the coldest region
With many bear stories warning to play dead when attacked by a bear, this beat fact sometimes works while for other people feel fighting for their lives is the only way to get away from the bear attacks.   The bear is already in the endangered species list in different parts of the country whether in the different zoos of the world, animal sanctuaries and shelters, in private ranches or in the wilderness. It’s a known fact about bears that these beautiful dangerous animals will always portray their animal instincts as they have a very sharp sense of smell just like the African Cape buffalo and the African Rhino. Bears also have very good hearing senses and can hear great distances. The best bear fact while in the  wilderness or out there in the forest, caution in these animal breading grounds and feeding  bear habitat is always advices to minimize casualties and bear fatalities.

Bears are good swimmers when  bears
are attacking never go in the water
Bear country and
bear habitat
Dangerous brown bear black bear and the polar bear attacks in North America take place in many different bear natural habitat and bear feeding and bear breeding grounds and of late just in our own living environment settings. Many of the dangerous bear or animal attacks information about the bear attacks have been dangerous encounters in the bear's wilderness habitat involving hikers, hunters, mountain runners and campers. Dangerous brown bear animal attacks have taken place in the bear’s natural habitat in areas of Alaska, Northern and Western Canada, and some parts of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. The locations of black bear wilderness fatal attacks just shows the bear’s animal habitat and distance which it moves such as all Canadian Provinces except the Atlantic Provinces, and several major mountainous areas in the United States.

Dangerous bear attacks incidences have also been involved with the bears that are kept in captivity different animal lovers or bear animal trainers, in zoos, carnivals, or kept as pets have been responsible for several dangerous bear attacks. There have also been unusual cases in which a person entered a bear's cage, and was mauled.

The biggest and most dangerous
bear in the world
The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus), the only dangerous animal which has been able to brave the dangerous weather conditions in the world  and one of the most dangerous animals in the world has moved into the threatened categories after being reassessed as Vulnerable for the 2006 Red List.  With a lot of people moving into the polar bear habitat and the declining ice bear country makes these dangerous animals have a home which has less ice but warm weather conditions which the polar bear is just not accustomed to due to global climate change. 

bear attacks and feeding bears is one
 of the major causes of bear attacks
It is suspected that there will be a population reduction of at least 30% over the next 45 years as a result of this habitat loss and declining habitat quality. Man has been the greatest threat to bears not only in their natural habitat but has also contributed in some of the incidences which makes bears to be aggressive and exhibit their natural animal instincts to attack as well. Whether it’s the pollution of the bear natural habitat and breeding grounds, disturbance from shipping and movement of people in the bear country, recreational viewing, oil and gas exploration and development, and the general trend of bear hunting for trophies which sometimes is both legal and illegal hunting makes these beautiful animals to be some of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Bear Method of dispatch: 
Polar bear cubs ready to come
out of the polar bear den
Despite the fact that there are many different species of bears not all bears are as dangerous as compared to other bears. The white bear or the polar, the beautiful black and the dangerous grizzly bears are the most deadliest bears in the world and are also included as some of the word’s top ten most dangerous animals. When bears attack you, bears will trample their victim and they will continue to maul and generally savage their prey until they're frightened off or finish the job. As a dangerous animal, a bear will attack for a variety of reasons such as hunger and when someone comes between the bear cubs and the mother bear.

Dangerous Bears avoidance techniques: 
Bears are very good tree climbers
protecting yourself from a tree is
just putting your life in danger
While in the forest or in the bear habitat and you encounter a dangerous angry bear (categorised by snorting, false bluffs, ground beating, etc), slowly back away from the bear, watching it all the while. DO NOT turn and run. If the dangerous bear continues to act aggressively, you should respond by shouting and throwing sticks and stones to the dangerous bear while continuing to back away. If a bear is upon you sometimes fighting back might deter the bear from attacking you as you will stand a better chance of survival rather than playing dead.

African Elephant dangerous big five
The beautiful dangerous African Savanna elephant unlike their already extinct North African forest elephants have not been tamed fully and this goes way back to the great Maurya Empire in 305 BC when these beautiful African safari elephants were difficult to tame for the purpose of imperial and wars of conquests. In Asia, the Sri Lankan beautiful and elegant elephants were larger, stronger fiercer and better for war than native elephants.  
African elephants and Asian
elephants cause destricution to
Land and property of farmer

While elephants in Africa and in Asia possess the same genes, the different aggressive elephant qualities are in built and it doesn’t matter whether it’s an Asian elephant or an African elephant. These dangerous animals when they attack, the results are always bad when they come in to contact when angered. 

The African elephants are the most
aggressive and the most dangerous
These beautiful dangerous natural predators have killed many people including farmers, people who work in the logging habitat, spectators in India, Bangladesh, Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar and many parts where these giant elephants have been bred or raised in both their natural habitat or in captivity. During an elephant attack, immediately the elephant stampede and the elephant powerful kicks would incapacitate a human being within no time. The other mode of contact with the elephant is being dragged with the giant elephant trunk up in the air only to lands in the bare ground where as the giant elephant tusks will not spare an inch of you and live you hanging on the thread, 

Baby African Elephant running
for help from attacks
These beautiful dangerous elephants are nothing to dare with as there is still more we need to learn from them. It’s all in the news once in a while. Elephants on the rampage. An elephant in the zoo escapes. Elephant attacks people while in cultural parade. These are just some of the few elephant attacks incidences. People on their natural African Safari have had the same elephant attacks as well. The fact that a good natural African safari is not complete with out the sight of an elephant is just one are where these elephant attacks take place.

Mother elephant protecting
baby elephant while feeding
Elephant Method of dispatch: being dangerous animals and keeping in mind their huge size - the average African elephant weighs over 6 tons. These beautiful dangerous elephants trample and gore using their fearsome tusks and are capable of causing untold amounts of devastation.

African elephant the
deadliest animals 
Dangerous Elephant avoidance techniques: General advice on avoiding an elephant attack seems to be: don't startle the elephant; the dangerous elephant is more likely to charge if he feels intimidated. If the elephant seems intent on charging, make as much noise as you can and try to put it off - otherwise climb the nearest  tall tree (large enough so that the elephant cannot knock it down, of course).

Jellyfish the most beautiful deadliest deep sea animals

Jellyfish stings can kill if vinegar and protection from the
jellyfish venom is not treated just like that

A jellyfish is an amazing deep sea creature. While there are many amazing sea animals and most of these animals or insects are animals that sting. People allover the world and keep on asking questions relating to jellyfish such as are all jellyfish dangerous? Are jellyfish dangerous when you touch then while in their natural habitat and if the jellyfish stings you, are jellyfish stings dangerous? As beautiful as many of the jellyfish species are people always wonder and want to know if the moon jellyfish are poisonous.

Beautiful dangerous jellyfish deep sea creatures that can
kill with their powerful stings from their tentacles
As a matter of fact, the jellyfish are some of the most dangerous animals in the world. As far as the beautiful beaches and different oceans of the world are concerned, jellyfish are some of the deadliest animals in the world. They have been known to sting people while swimming and if no jellyfish treatment is around, many people have been known to die because of the dangerous jellyfish stings. As it is not easy to take beautiful pictures of jellyfish as it would be taking animal pictures in the wild, a few people have managed to capture jellyfish in their natural habitat.
The beautiful jelly fish have inspired many and a lot of information about jellyfish has helped beach gores in preventing jellyfish accidents and jellyfish stings while on the beach.  While people are not part of the box jellyfish diet, these beautiful dangerous deep see creatures and specially the box Jellyfish are not really jellyfish. They are the most venomous and deadly creature in the world. The box jellyfish diet is mainly composed of plankton, shrimp, and other jellyfish.

The most beautiful dangerous
 creature in the deep sea and beaches
The jellyfish tentacles are the ones that are responsible for the many deaths when people are stung by jellyfish. The box jellyfish venom mechanism works in such a way that you get worse as the venom gets into your bloodstream. While the common jellyfish will not do any harm to you, people just need to be aware as to how these beautiful seep sea creatures can be as dangerous as the African lion in the wild. It’s difficult to know how many tentacles a jellyfish has in order to determine how to cure a jelly fish sting when you are attacked by one. Its always good to know a few useful facts how to cure a jellyfish sting as this might just save a life of a beloved one as well. Depending on the jellyfish sting symptoms, the most common treatment for jellyfish is vinegar. The nest time you head out to the beach just remember vinegar is the best treatment for the jellyfish stings and venom
Jellyfish migration the cause of many
jellyfish attacks in the wild

The jellyfish also known as some of the most dangerous deep sea sting-masters of the sea use their tentacles to dredge up small prey. Many people who have found themselves in the jellyfish habitat become entangled with a jellyfish. That’s where the panic comes in as the person who is stung by the jellyfish starts to experience pain from a nasty nip to excruciating pain, depending on the jellyfish species. The box jellyfish is one of the most venomous deep sea marine creatures in the world and a jellyfish sting can kill a man within minutes and most fatalities occur following a brush with a toxic jelly like this.

Dangerous jell fish in Asia Australia
America, Thailand Japan New Guinea
Responsible for: the dangerous Jellyfish are responsible for about 100 fatalities a year.

Jellyfish habitat: Most of the dangerous jellyfish are found in the coastal areas and the beautiful beaches of Northern Australia, Asia mainly Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, North American coast, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and some parts of the African coast.

Jellyfish sting suit helps prevent
dangerous jellyfish stings and bites
Jellyfish Method of dispatch: jellyfish can sting at any time and at any place. The jellyfish tentacles are the ones which need to be avoided at all cost, usually as the jellyfish wants to initiate an attack, the jellyfish unwinds its coiled stinging tentacles. With a split of a second, the jellyfish with great energy, fires them at the victim and then pumps their venom to paralyze the recipient, usually manifesting itself as cardiac arrest in humans.
Useful jellyfish stings avoidance techniques: At any time when you find yourself swimming in a jellyfish habitat where there are known jellyfish, you should wear a jellyfish sting-suit. However, if you are stung by a jellyfish, get out of the jellyfish infested water and apply vinegar.

Rhino horns are the sharpest horns
in the world even elephants respect

Running away from dangerous
elephants is the best protection

Great white shark attacks world's most deadly deep sea
creatures of Africa, Asia, Australia, America and Europe

The biggest scorpion in the world
Africa Emperor scorpion

Blue scorpion: cure for cancer
Scorpion Euscorpius flavicaudis

Scorpion the word's most dangerous insect mostly found in
deserts, rain forest, crevices woodlands and gardens

The five line scorpion ( Leiurus quinquestriatus ), 
is highly toxic

Scorpion maurus palmatus ready to sting
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  1. Scorpion king. Cary dangerous insects if they are in your backyard.


    1. লাব্লি আক্তার ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতে হবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open --------------------?

      সপ্না রানী যশোর পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ১০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open--------------------- ?

      পারবতি ঘোষ কুষ্টিয়া পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৩০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open --------------------?

      মুক্তা আক্তার মীম ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৫০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open------------------------?

      দিপালি মিরজা খুলনা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৪০টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open---------------------------?

      হিরা আক্তার যশোর পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open-------------------------?

      জরনা বেগম কুষ্টিয়া পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open------------------------ ?

      রত্না আক্তার রানী টাঙ্গাইল পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ১০টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open----------------------- ?

      সারমিন সীমা বরি সাল বাড়ি ঢাকা থাকে সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকারপরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর=chick here open--------------------------?

      তানিয়া কুষ্টিয়া দউলদিয়া পতিতা লয় ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৪০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open----------------------?

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