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Jellyfish Migration with Vinegar in a Bottle.

Beautiful jellyfish habitat migration.

Is a Jellyfish a very beautiful fish in a jelly form. Jellyfish have brought crowds to many of the beautiful beaches around the world as well. Where did the jellyfish get its jelly? The sting-masters of the sea, are they as deadly as the ray fish?  Is a jellyfish really a fish or is it because a jellyfish looks just like a jelly when it is in water?  These are just some of the most frequently asked questions about jellyfish and all the myths about jellyfish and their natural habitat. Deep in the oceans there are no sea animals as calm and smooth as the jellyfish, these beautiful jellyfish will just glide and migrate.

As far as information about jellyfish is concerned, Jellyfish are any planktonic marine member from the group of invertebrate animals composed of about 200 described species of the class Scyphozoa (phylum Cnidaria) or of the class Cubozoa, which was formerly considered an order of Scyphozoa. The word or the  term, jellyfish, is most of the time used in to refer to other cnidarians that have a medusoid (saucer- or bell-shaped) body form, such as hydromedusae, the siphonophores (including even the Portuguese man-of-war which technically is not a jellyfish but a pelagic colonial hydroid or hydrozoan), as well as unrelated forms such as salps and comb jellies.

Dangerous jellyfish deep sea
creatures of Africa Asia USA
Australia Europe
These beautiful creatures surely do come from a whole new world of puzzles and with their spectacular shapes and sizes, these sea creatures are sometimes animals not to recon with. When these jellyfish or jelly fish migrate, strong ocean currents just take them where beautiful people who have no idea about jellyfish are or what jellyfish look like when they are on the beach. Does it come to you as a surprise that these beautiful jellyfish can be as dangerous as any other stinging insect or stinging creature out there in the ocean? 

Its all in the news, jellyfish stings hundreds of people, jellyfish swarms beach, jellyfish stops mega movie project. These are just some of the few headlines about jellyfish.  So what are these nasty beautiful stinging jelly fish? Most jellyfish live in many of the warm and cold waters of the different habitats in many of the oceans. 

Moon jellyfish deep sea creatures
When one wants to find out as to what types of jellyfish is found in Europe, Australia, America or the beaches of Japan, its amazing to know that different jellyfish species live in different jellyfish habitat as well but the most common jellyfish found in many parts of the world is the Moon jelly (Aurelia aurita). The Moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) is in fact the clearest jellyfish in the world. When you see this jellyfish, it’s like looking through a transparent glass. This jelly fish has a flattened disk as compared to other jellyfish species found in the oceans and in different parts of the world. 

For protection and for catching its food just like any other dangerous animals and as a means for survival, the moon jellyfish or moon jelly has a number of very tinny tentacles around the edge. While no two jellyfish or jelly fish are alike, the main distinction or the best way to distinguish between a moon jellyfish from other kinds of jellyfish when they are together is that the moon jelly has a pink four-leaf clover design situated in the center. Beach-goers and swimmers do not need to be alarmed by the moon jelly but don’t make a mistake in thinking you know better. 

Beautiful deep sea creatures beautiful dangerous box
jellyfish. The most dangerous animal in the world
These dangerous deep sea creatures are animals which are very dangerous. They can attack with lightening speed and by the time you realize, you panic and at the same time while there are other deep dangerous deep sea creatures such as the great white sharks or the tiger sharks, these dangerous fish or dangerous sharks will always be attracted to any sudden movements in the waters and in this regard, its is only caution and not being afraid which can help you get away in these dangerous waters with these dangerous creatures underwater.

It’s always advisable to keep away from such jellyfish and jelly like creatures as you just never know which is a stinging jellyfish and which is a poisonous jellyfish which are out there in the beaches and in the sea as well despite the fact that the moon jellyfish only give a mild sting and hence vinegar is just one of the solutions as to how to treat jellyfish stings and jellyfish treatment while you are on the beach and have been stung by a jellyfish.
How do Jellyfish sting? What makes them to sting and how would you know that a jellyfish is going to sting you if you are in the water? Well this jellyfish stinging episodes and recuperating can only be answered by people who have been stung by jellyfish; these beautiful animals can be as deadly and poisonous as nature can be. 

Remember it’s a mechanism for survival for jellyfish and all other animals as well. While jellyfish are found in many sizes, these creatures come with them behind them a trail of long tentacles. Its these jellyfish tentacles which carry all the poison that the jellyfish secretes.
 The most dangerous jellyfish can be found in many parts of the world. Jellyfish can be found in deep waters and shallow waters as well depending on the food jellyfish find in their natural habitat and with the ocean currents and weather patterns as well. While you are out there having a good quality time, don’t be surprised if you find some jellyfish tentacles about 60 centimeters in length surrounding you or covering your body. It’s always not easy to see a jellyfish while you are in the water. 

The easiest way to spot a jellyfish is when you are either sensitive enough to hit it or feel it on your body while you are in the water. Such a transparent and elusive beautiful animal can just be as dangerous as a slight touch on the body.  In fact, the lion's mane jellyfish tentacles can reach almost 5 meters long. 

The  lion’s mane jellyfish tentacles have just to mention, thousands of stinging cells such that when the jellyfish tentacles tips touches anything, the jellyfish will immediately respond by  injecting toxins which could  kill any tiny animals or paralyze them. Many beachgoers or swimmers get stung by jellyfish in such a way or has been the case as to how jellyfish are responsible for stings swimmers and fishermen all over the world.

Beautiful jellyfish as the Box jellyfish
The Box Jellyfish is the Most Dangerous

When a small marine creature or animal is stung by a jellyfish, it always becomes paralyzed and this is the time when the jellyfish works on it. The jellyfish would use its stings to take the creature which has been stung and paralyzed to the central part of the jellyfish tentacles which is somehow heart-shaped and contains a lot of gastric pouches in the swimming bell. It’s at this part of the jellyfish where the digestion takes place.

 All jellyfish are excellent swimmers and they will migrate to different locations in search of food and gradually adopting to tidal waves. With plenty of food come rain come sunshine, jellyfish will eat day in day our as all jellyfish are prodigious predators. All jellyfish in all parts of the world search food and eat with out being bothered. Its amazing to know that jellyfish are some of the sea creatures which don’t have eyes. One then wonders how can these eye less creatures be able to eat. 

Well the amazing thing is that those jellyfish tentacles are the ones which are the eyes of the jellyfish and the ears of the jellyfish as well. Jellyfish have very good senses as far as the movement of the water is concerned hence they don’t mind if  a big fish is in front of them or a small one so long as they can feel it moving they can see it coming. With the ability to have long tentacles the jellyfish is always at home to cover a large surface area to feel and search for its food and to warn it from any luring danger around.

 As far as dinner for the jellyfish is concerned most jellyfish eat tinny crustaceans called copepods. Some jellyfish which live in fresh water eat minnows, anchovy eggs, worms, mosquito larvae, and comb jellies. All these marine animals make part of the jellyfish diet or food. If jellyfish like to eat mosquito larva, you just might be thinking how come these beautiful jellyfish have not yet been introduced in places where malaria is rampant and all places are thronged with mosquitoes.  My sixth sense tells me that we need to learn more about jellyfish and how jellyfish can be able to help alleviate some of these ecosystem vicious cycles without interrupting the existing natural cycle and leading to other unwanted problems which might arise there after.

“That will need another blog about jellyfish eating mosquitoes or jellyfish stopping the spread of mosquitoes what is you say”  
As we already know that Jellyfish are always drifting with the ocean currents and will not hesitate to drag anything to eat while they are passing with the ocean currents but if today is your day, only history will tell when you get within the jellyfish tentacles range.

Dozens of Seat Nettle jellyfish are among the thousands most deadly killers in many of the worlds beaches. With little information about jellyfish out there to many beachgoers, many people are always unaware that jellyfish stings take place countywide and world wide and people should always be on the lookout for these dangerous and somehow beautiful animals of the sea. While most of the times most of the people who have been stung by a jellyfish is always not a serous accident, care should always be taken. Where in the world would you get the largest jellyfish migration apart from the jellyfish lake. 

beautiful dangerous deep sea creatures with dangerous
stings jellyfish swimming with the ocean currents
With millions of jellyfish swimming in the deep and shallow waters, these deep sea creatures as dangerous and as harmful as they can be are always peace with the ocean currents. While these jellyfish of different species come with different colors and sizes depending on their natural habitat and the ocean currents and events going on above and below the sea, jellyfish are as amazing and beautiful when you find them in the clear waters and different beaches of the world.

When one of the jellyfish tentacles stings you while you are in the water, most of the people who are stung by a jellyfish always panic. The beautiful jelly fish and dangerous jellyfish are as dangerous as they people have learnt about the dangerous jellyfish stings. How does a jellyfish sting look like? How do you get stung by a dangerous jellyfish? When do you know you have been stung by a jellyfish is just a stage and the process which these dangerous beautiful jellyfish will sting and leave the jellyfish venom to run through your body system. 

In many of the worlds top ten most great oceans and top ten most beautiful beaches of the world
This is always a natural phenomenon as the jellyfish venom or poison/ toxins will kick in and radiating from a gauge of an experience degrees of pain from a nasty nip to excruciating pain, depending on the jellyfish species. The box jellyfish is one of the most venomous marine creatures in the world and a box jellyfish sting can kill a man within minutes. If the jellyfish stings are not treated on time or care is not given on time where the person has been stung by a jellyfish, most fatalities always take place following a brush with a toxic jelly no other than the box jellyfish.

Jellyfish attacks and accidents: Jellyfish are responsible for about 100 fatalities a year. Seventy of the 200 species of jellyfish are known to sting people and cause reactions which can be disturbing.
Jellyfish habitat around the world: Most of the dangerous jellyfish are found in Hawaii, Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, North American coast, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, and Vietnam.

Jellyfish predators: Green sea turtles and other fish

Method of dispatch: When a jellyfish wants to attack, the jellyfish unwinds its coiled stinging tentacles. With a split of a second, the jellyfish with great energy, fires them at the victim and then pumps their venom to paralyze the recipient, usually manifesting itself as cardiac arrest in humans.

Top ten world\s most dangerous
Jellyfish avoidance techniques: Remember it’s a jellyfish world out there and when you find yourself swimming in an area where there are known jellyfish, you should wear a sting-suit. However, if you are stung by any thing, get out of the water as fast as you can and apply vinegar to any stings remaining buried under your skin and remove them. Always brush the stings or lift them off with a stick or any object around. Remember while you are out there a vinegar bottle is as good as a cure for jellyfish sting at the beach. At any time depending on your geographical location and you are stung by a jellyfish, you should always seek help from the nearest lifeguard tower or call for medal help.

Jellyfish sting symptoms: most jellyfish sting symptoms are accompanied with a burning sensation. There is always a clear redness in the affected areas which is followed by swelling of lymph nodes. If the person has been stung by the jellyfish many times, he might experience some severe jellyfish toxic reaction which could be clearly displayed with complains with difficulty in breathing and even cardiac arrest. 

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for food and jellyfish habitat in the deep sea


  1. Hay, people out there! Any one there who has stepped on a jellyfish even for once? How does it feel? Squishy or just like a snail?

    1. Making a mistake of either stepping on these dangerous jellyfish is a sure ticket for some excruciating pain which will only be alleviated by some vinegar as medication of jellyfish sting


    2. লাব্লি আক্তার ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতে হবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open --------------------?

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  3. This blog is not all scientifically accurate. Be wary before you use it as a source. For instance, an immediate red flag is the labeling of the "Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish." The Portuguese Man-of-war is not a jellyfish, it is a siphonophore.