Beautiful African Red Majestic Elephants

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Where in the world would you see or find a red elephant? Do red elephants really exist? Despite the fact that there are many species of red elephants which are found in different parts of the world the kinds of habitat sometimes determines the kinds of elephants found in such geographical locations. When we talk of red elephants why not albino elephants as well? Are these kinds of elephants hard to see or they are already extinct? If albino lions, albino dangerous snakes and albino crocodiles still exist, how about the chances of seeing a red elephant or a white African Nile crocodile? That would be some excitement and a very good African animal safari.

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African animals
Africa has some of the best flora and fauna you can ever think of for a safari and as an African destination. With the rich culture and heritage which has been passed on from generation to generation, the diverse flora and fauna with its natural hospitality makes you want to come and see and experience more of this African flora and fauna again and a gain. With names such as Africa or Kenya the Land of the Animal safari or Kenya the Land of the Big Five is just enough proof to make that African safari destination a priority in a lifetime and to come and see some of the famous African red elephants which will blow your mind away. While not all the parts of Africa are blessed with these beautiful red African elephants, the variety of red elephants found in many parts of the world are of almost the same species but the amazing Tsavo red elephants are just as famous as the red elephants found at the Nairobi national park and the elephant orphanage in Nairobi.

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playing in water
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The African red elephants are also the common African Forest Elephant and the notably African Bush Elephant. All these names of elephants are collectively known as referred as the African elephant. Where in the world would you find the biggest number of animals in the same place and at the same time? I f you have already watched different movies or programs of amassing animal videos, then you should be aware of the great wildebeest animal migration where over half a million animals move from one country and travel hundreds of kilometers destination just to settle on the Kenya savannah lands which is covered with fresh green grass as they come into contact with different animals found in the famous Mara national park and adjoining protected and unprotected animal habitat regions on the Kilimanjaro to Lake Victoria animal habitat.  

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With around 52 countries in Africa and with as many as 37 African which have different wild animals such as lions, zebras and elephants the only countries which have elephants and a destination where one can enjoy these beautiful red elephants is no doubt Kenya. Tanzania which borders Kenya to the north has also these red elephants while South Africa within the Kruger National Park has a few of the red elephants spotted here and there grazing in their natural habitat. 

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endangered species
How many elephants are there in the whole world? Are there many elephants as they used to be or the number of elephants is just going down day by day as the demand for the elephant beautiful tasks or ivory is increasing day by day as the needs of such ivory products keeps on escalating? With a total number of around 470,000 to 690,000 elephants in the whole world only a few of these elephants are red elephants. Despite the fact that there is a lot of elephant conservation and elephant protection going on in the whole world, the awareness of saving these beautiful elephants has not yet rung a bell in some of the natives, the animal parts loving customers and the continuing existing trends of exploring the exact utility of the elephant tusks in terms of medicinal use and as an item of ornament jewelry or as an artifact. All these factors have lead to the demise of many of the great red elephants which have been parched day in and day out with whatever elephants hunting weapons, bows and arrows, chemicals and poisons all in the name of getting that ivory which is craved in the Asian continent.

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five animals in Kenya
Despite the hue and cry on the plight of the African red elephants being given an ear here and an ear there, the plight of the red elephants entirely has been on the mercy of the different government bodies which help conserve and protect these beautiful elephants. With different resources and manpower at their disposals, l and huge costs to run these elephant national parks and game reserves, there have always been some mixed emotions on the overall raising of these beautiful dangerous red elephants management conservation and protection. The problems facing some of the gray elephants in Asia, brown elephants in South Africa and black elephants in many parts of the world face the same problem of giving the red elephants the animal rights they need. 

Red elephant attacks on humans
As far as the red elephants are concerned, these elephants have enjoyed being photographed by many animal safari lovers. These red elephants all the freedom of being in the wild and have roamed the different elephant habitats found in Africa and especially the African savannah which is hope to the great African Big Five, the African Big cats and home and destination of the best animal safaris in the world.

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Have you ever ridden an elephant? How does if feel to ride on an elephant? Whether it’s riding on a tamed Indian elephant or a natural aggressive born wild African elephant the idea of climbing the biggest animal in the world might sound strange and send some chills down your spine. Having been tamed and bred in captivity, the grey and white Indian or Asian elephants have enjoyed both the pleasure of being in the wild and in captivity. While some have been bred according to the different Asian cultures, many of the grey and white Asian elephants have enjoyed different social status as compared to the African red elephants which are kings and queens in their own African jingles

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The African red elephant have little or no political or religious rights as compared to the white elephants and the elephants from the land of a million elephants. The gray elephants, the brown and the white Asian elephants have always been privileged to enjoy this social status of man in economics, religious and cultural importance. Have these elephants really enjoyed that privilege of being part of man’s society? What do you think would have been the reaction of these elephants had they had a voice to all the different elephant living conditions their upbringing and the overall life given to the elephants while in captivity? While the rule of the carrot and stick and rewards and punishment like any domesticated animals has been the main stay or bringing up these beautiful dangerous animals. 

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We have all seen and heard about all the atrocities of elephants being bred in captivities and all the aspects of elephant attacks involving their caretakers and all the facts about elephant related abuses and reasons for animal negligence which is very disheartening to people who hear of animal such as elephants being neglected and treated beyond the animal rights umbrella.

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As far as history and the world’s elephants in involved, no other land animal has seen many of his ancestors and elephant’s body parts being traded in the different continents of the world other than the African elephants. With decades of elephant both the African red elephants and the White Asian elephants being parched for their tusks, The African slave trade which flourished in the African continent and as a source of cheep raw material for many of the European industries helped in the carnage of these red elephants which were in plenty and a threat to many of the slave trade routs. 

While the modern world calls for a halt in the continuous carnage and mistreatment of these beautiful elephants while in captivity and in the wild there is still another form of animal bondage and mistreatment we are giving to these elephants across the continents.

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 African savanna
Africa as a whole continent was one country with all the different wild animals demarcating their own territorial boundaries, feeding grounds and breeding grounds. Animal migration corridors and different water holes and lakes were mainly at the control of the African big cats and wild dogs which were there ready to attack any animal big or small that came to the rivers, ponds and lakes to drink water. What has man done to the red elephants? After having gained independence, the killing of elephants which was only for the rich and the royal started finding hands in the locals which was not only lucrative but as a very cheap source of animal protein and a chance to take control of the animal habitat and breeding grounds as the need for land and agriculture was the order of the day. Cutting down of forests where these beautiful elephants with other spices of animals along the elephant’s food chain that the history oh the African elephants was going to take another turn all together.

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 biggest African elephant
Nowadays the African red elephants and many of the African animals have been restricted to the confines of the protected national parks and game reserves. Keeping that in mind, when the rule says “keep off the grass” some people find the opportunity to sit on the grass as a picnic point and when it comes to these national parks and game reserves where these elephants are free to roam about, sometimes the land carrying capacity of the tourists tend to overwhelm these beautiful animals which are inhabitants of these beautiful protected elephant parks. Catching a glimpse of the red elephants might be a difficult task and this is where many tourist vehicles have to veer off-road in order to locate these beautiful elegant African red elephants deep in the African jungle either grazing, drinking water or just as a red elephant train going back home to roost.
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