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Lion cub tag of war without end

Beautiful cute little lions in the wild 

Lion cubs are born with spots
Baby lions or lion cubs are just some of the most beautiful amazing baby animals which will feel your heart with admiration.  These little cute lion cubs just like any other animal baby will always be as adventurous and playful for as long as there is energy and room to play. Like any other mammal, these beautiful lion cubs playing have produced some of the most amazing baby lion pictures which have been breath taking and have touched the hearts of many animal photographers and animal lovers as well.

The lioness and feeding lions take care of the baby lions
Many people who have managed to go to an Africa safari might have had the privilege of getting a closer look of these beautiful lion cubs in their natural habitat. Despite the fact that by the time when these lion cubs are out there in the open, cubs are already grown and ready to face the world but little do we still know about these lion cubs while they are still in the den.

lion babies try to bond  socialize.
Lions in the wild adopt quickly
lion cubs start fighting when  small
and can be seen in an animal safari
When tie time comes for the lioness to give birth, it takes almost around three and a half months after conception. The lioness most of the time gives birth to four tinny beautiful lion cubs. These tinny cubs are the ones which will come to roam many of the world’s national parks of Africa Asia, Australia Europe while some of them are always born in captivity. 

The lion paws are what makes a lion
Baby lion playing with the lion 
Both in the lion’s natural habitat and in captivity, giving birth to two or three healthy lion cubs is just normal.  Since lions and specially lioness are sometimes very secretive when it comes to their young ones, the mother lion will only come once in a while to share with the pride what has been killed for the day otherwise the only signs to know if a lion has given birth are the large stains on the surrounding areas of the nipples. 

lion cubs like little babies will scratch bite and eat anything
Nursing of these baby lions is done sonly by the lioness. The lion cubs are taken care of by their mother day in day out come rain come sunshine while they are out there in the wilderness.  These are just some of the rare moments when you will spot a mother lion carry her cubs by holding them from the back of their necks which is a typical natural phenomenon among all cat families. Most lf the female feeding lions and their young cubs spend most of their time in the den far away from the lion’s pride. 

When the lionesses are thirsty and feel there is danger lingering around where the lion cubs are will always come out to protect her young ones. These little lion cubs will always stay protected under the cover of the thick dense vegetation and will be initiated in the pride after a period of almost six weeks. This is always the crucial time for the lion cubs, the lioness and the father of the pride. 

baby lions like fun all the time cute
baby lion cub habitat
Baby lions play in the wild and will
wake up the lion king
When the weaning of the lion cubs progresses and the lion cubs are mature enough, the little lion cubs are introduces and get accustomed to eating beef when they are almost and will always keep on feeding on their mother’s milk for about 6-7 months. These beautiful playful young lion cubs will start making efforts to imitate what the other lions are doing and their mother is always the best teacher as these cute lion cubs will always be at a learning stage and what is all there about lions they need to learn. 

While the mother lion is away, the other feeding lions will always find the nearest lion nipple and quench its thirst. These beautiful baby lions will always depend on their mother for food and for protection for a span of around to two years. This is allows one of the moment when lion fights takes place among the little lions, running and jumping is just the order of the day, scratching one another and jumping on their mothers back is as fun as pulling the male lions mane and trying to get a bite out of his big fluffy ears. 
lion cubs like seeking & tagging
beautiful African safari picture 

lions in the rain is fun & whats next
the little lions in the wild survive
Playing tag and trying to starch tree trunks and catching little insects is just as fun. The little cubs will always watch at a safe distance while in the savannah habitat learning all the necessary hunting steps which will became useful while they take over the pride or make their own. With the ongoing habitat loss and lion poaching going on around the national parks and protected animal reserves, when these beautiful lions are killed, these little lions are always left at the mercy of the rest of the pride. When things get worse which could be as a result of dangerous weather and harsh climatic conditions, the mother lion sometimes abandons his cubs if she is not able to meet the daily rations for the little cubs.

Lion babies hunting practices
hunting and preying small animals
These mischievous little lion cubs sometimes wonder away from home while they are out playing or fall behind with the rest of the pride during their hunting spree. During the commotion, this is the time when the lion cubs have no protection and other predators such as hyenas, African wild hunting dogs cheetahs and even leopards will eat lion cabs if there is no threat to them while out there in the wilderness. The little lion playing is always not aware of what the lion jungle is about until he masters and learns from his lion family

Lions like sleeping when they are well fed beautiful
African lion family in the wild
The African buffalos have been known to terrorize and kill lion cubs whenever they stumble upon their den n many of the African national parks and game reserves.  At the same time, when a new king of the jungle has taken over the pride, the little tinny cute lion cubs are just at the mercy of the male lion who is to be the father of the pride. With little protection mechanisms and too slow to hide from the male lions, these lion cubs are the ones which get attacked first as they are not able to run away or defend themselves. It’s amazing to note that and a fact that lions do kill and sometimes eat the cubs which do not belong to him. 

There are great videos about lions killing and eating small lion cubs just before taking over the pride. This is one are about lions which is not yet fully understood by humans but when the lions natural instincts kicks in for the continuation of generation, his bloodline and  linage is as important as putting his life to defending the pride.
Lion cubs take a close look hunting
baby lions like exploring their natural
habitat and the new world

If the lions survive the socialization and initiation process the cubs just like any other big cats are evicted from the pride and are left to hunt on their own. This is always a crucial moment to make it in the wild depending on the availability of other land animals and competition within the habitat. Sometimes not may young lions make it as they also become vulnerable and since their hunting techniques have not yet been perfected.

Baby lion hunting skills are perfected
during the lions fighting practices
The  pride when taken away can
leave the little cubs lost and wounded
Despite the fact that the feeding mother lions are also vulnerable,  they have their copping skills and one of the primary reasons why female lions live in groups, as there is strength in numbers and only groups of females can often defeat they will always fight back to protect any lion intruding their pride and hence many of the female lions will always stick together while the young lions patrol their feeding and breeding grounds marking their territories and looking for intruders and warding them off keeping it safe for the lion cubs to grow and follow what their fore fathers have been practicing for as long as they have been on the pride land.
The lion roar can reach as far as five kilometers in the
African Savannah

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Lions grooming strengthens the lions social bond in the pride

African lion resting under the sun assures the pride is safe


  1. nice information about lions. i never new animal life was this interesting. lions are really an amazing creatures to look at.

    1. Thanks a lot Aloma for your kind comment.
      A lot of lions which are in their natural habitat are almost threatened by land encroachment in their breeding and feeding grounds. When someone gets to see lions in a national park, the experience someone has is always amazing and the perception of lions not just the lion cubs but all wildlife in general.

  2. There is no other animals quite like a lion. They are literally the reason why guests book safari packages and leave their home countries and travel to Africa. They will be one of the highlights of your holiday in Africa

  3. All of the world needs to protect lions now, as they are endangered and they face many challenges to long-term survival, like habitat loss, disease and trophy hunters killing them off. ALL trophy hunting of lions should be BANNED. Groups like Safari Club International need to be stopped! We must work to save lions, the most iconic and royal animal the world has ever known.

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