Animal list of Africa: Beautiful wildlife and dangerous wild animals

Animal list of African wildlife and  its beautiful dangerous wild animal safaris 

List of  African Animal Pictures  list of  Animal Name   ;lost of African Name   Description
Aardvark "earth pig" or "ground hog" 
Amazing animal list Aardvark the
ground hog termite eater 
Belonging to the elephants, sirens elephant shrews, hyraxes, tenrecs family the aardvark is an amazing nocturnal animal located from the tip of Africa to the south of Africa, the hot and cold Sahara and Kalahari Desert to the rich African Savannah lands.  These beautiful animals with a long sticky tongue feed on termites and other crowning insects of the African forest jungles and its natural. The  aardvark with its poor eyesight is blessed with large powerful claws just like a sloth  on their feet for digging. Aardvark standing at less than one meter tall has an almost hairless body, short neck and short legs

Aardwolf(Proteles cristata, formerly Proteles cristatus) List of African names Sotho – Thikgwi. Tswana – Mmabudu .Zulu – Nehi  .Afrikaans - Aardwolf
Animal list: Aardwolf the wolf eating
insect pic by Phil Richardson
Africa has strange animals, while some look like elephants yet they are not actually elephants the aardwolf is neither a wolf but a small mammal, that looks similar to the most dangerous animal in the African savanna as far as the lion is concerned. Just like the striped hyena, the aardwolf is the only surviving species of the subfamily Protelinae. Getting amazing images of these beautiful animals needs a safari to the eastern parts if Africa and northeastern Africa. For survival in the African plains, the aardwolf feeds on insects.

The ever changing animal coat Addax
also the screw horn antelope

The Addax (addax nasomaculatus) is an amazing animal. While some call it the screw horn antelope it weighs up to 300 pounds. When the African weather changes during the hot season the addax coat is almost white and changes to grayish brown in the cold season. The addax antelopes have white coat on their legs, hips, belly, ears and facial markings. The addax is critically endangered in the wild due to unregulated hunting. An African safari through the Sahara desert might as well complete your list of the African animals in the Sahara desert The addax is one of the rarest wild mammals in the world
Addaxes can live up to 25 years in captivity.

Addra gazelle

Where in the world do you have the list of the tallest animals and the most dangerous animals? An animal safari without seeing the big five and the big cats is not enough without seeing the Addra gazelle which is the tallest and the largest gazelle in the world. They have a small head compared to their body, with narrow muzzle eyes. They have reddish-chestnut neck, back and flanks with distinctive white spot just below the throat. The horns are curved flat to the back with upturned tips in both sexes. A well planned African Addra gazelle animal safari from the north of Kenya to the tip of the African continent and to west Africa will surely make your animal safari special

Animal list of African ANTELOPES
Roan Antelope
Sable Antelope
Fringe-Eared Oryx
Beisa Oryx
Common Waterbuck
Defassa Waterbuck
Common Wildebeest
Common Eland
Greater Kudu
Lesser Kudu
Thompson’s Gazelle
Grant’s Gazelle
Bohor Reedbuck
Mountain Reedbuck
Common Duiker
Kirk’s Dik-Dik


Amazing animals of the African rain
forest beautiful animals of Zaire

July 7, 20127 (RTTNews) Emergency Appeal For Okapi Wildlife Reserve Following Fatal Raid By Poachers Poachers armed with AK 47 rifles attacked the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Epulu, a small village in the northwest of the African country, on June 24 and killed seven people including two rangers.  According to UNESCO, the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, which is also a World Heritage Site, occupies about one-fifth of the DRC's Ituri forest. It is also the habitat of threatened species of primates and birds, and about 5,000 of the estimated 30,000 okapi - a rare forest giraffe - surviving in the wild. These beautiful  herbivores have red-brown coat of fur. These animals are highly alert and will run away when they hear a human approaching. They are so secretive that they were not known to the world till the 1900s.

Nyala Njala With so many species and varieties in the list of African animals, the carnivorous animals of Africa have all the variety of animals to prey on. The Nyala Njala os also part of the lions diet as well as the leopard and the cheetah These medium-sized antelopes with 3 to 14 vertical stripes on their body sides give a good chase not to be hunted. The males or rams have somehow long hair known as 'dewlap' hanging from it's under body. The Nyala Njala horns are slightly spiral, curving outward after the first turn. The Nyala Njala horns end with a white tip. Nyala females also have beautiful have vertical stripes on a chestnut colored body.

Animal list of African Mammals
African Elephant
Black Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros
Rock Hyrax
Cape Buffalo
Giraffe : Masai Giraffe, Reticulated Giraffe, Rothschild’s Giraffe
Common Zebra
Giant Forest Hog
Cape Clawless Otter
Spotted-Necked Otter
Scrub Hare
Unstriped Ground Squirrel
Bush Squirrel

Ostrich Mbuni

Have you ever been to Africa on an ostrich farm? How about an ostrich  national park. If the cheetah is the fastest animal on land, the ostrich is also the fastest bird on land. When ostrich lay eggs amazing animals such as the cheetah are not a match to an ostrich defending its eggs The ostrich weighs more than 100 kg, The ostrich have been known to kill predators with their powerful kick that can prove to be deadly for many mammals. The ostrich being omnivorous have a diet consisting of leaves, grass, seeds, roots, flowers nuts, berries, insects and an crawling small mammal or reptile which is found in their natural habitat, breeding grounds or feeding grounds

Animal list of African Carnivores
African Civet
Large-Spotted Genet
Banded Mongoose
Wild Dog
Black-Backed Jackal
Common Jackal
Bat-Eared Fox
Spotted Hyena
Striped Hyena

Lion (panthera leo) singa, Löwe.  лев

Sotho – Tau. Tsonga / Shangaan – Ngala . Tswana – Tau. Swahili – Simba .Xhosa -   Isigidi  . Zulu – Ingonyama. Afrikaans – Leeu         
Dangerous animals in Africa  lions inthe wild
hunting prey.Pic by: Louie Schoeman

As the most vicious animal in the world the awesome lions are the famous big cats. Little lion cubs grow to make amazing animals images of dangerous cats with mane. People going on an African safari have made good lion hunting videos about the lion as the most dangerous game in the African savannah lands and mostly Kenya. Whether it’s the babies’ lion or samba the lion cub when one asks what is the deadliest animal in the world? The true facts about lions are always revealed in amazing lion images whether lions are playing or when different lions are hunting together. With a lot of animal predators and animal competition among the different groups of lion pride, the little lions always face competition and many lion cubs are killed by the big lions when they take over the pride. The African lions are considered to be the deadliest lions in the world. As the lifespan for a lion in the wild is almost 15 years, its always difficult to exactly know which is the biggest lion in the wild due to many lion facts which have not yet been documented. The lion tops the animal list of Africa as the most dangerous animal in the world and one of the most beautiful animals in the wild as well

Animal list of African Primates
Blue Monkey
Common Baboon
Vervet Monkey
Sykes Monkey
Black & White Colobus Monkey


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